Intervention is an awesome 3 day conference for people who enjoy learning amazing things and collaborating with other motivated people on a wide variety of projects targeted at the Internet generation.

"Welcome to our creative and geeky DIY world. Life doesn't have to be boring. Maybe you just need an Intervention!" - Oni Hartstein, Co-Founder


Programming Spotlight: Children’s Programming – Spy Camp!

I am really excited abotu this year’s Children’s Programming! Corinne always does such a fabulous job on this! Remember to bring the entire family because this is gonna be a blast!!!


Our Children’s Programming is organized by art teacher Corinne Simmers and will will be comprised of panels and workshops where parents and kids can work on creative projects together.

Art Supplies, Games, and other materials will be available during the panels, no need to bring your own (unless you’d like to).

Children’s Programming for Intervention 6

Overall Theme for this year: Spy Camp

Friday Night:

Welcome to Spy Camp!
Calling all secret agent wannabes. There will be a secret meeting held this evening for you spy enthusiasts.

Friday evening will be the kick off to our spy filled weekend. Children will receive their special spy packet, name, and learn our sacred oath.

10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.- Mastering the Art of Disguise.

We will be experimenting with our looks and trying out new disguises to learn the way of the spy. We will try our hand at paper mache masks, felt mustaches, maybe even some face painting. Anything that can boost our spy persona.

1:00-2:00 – Out for Lunch
Becoming a spy sure works up an appetite.

2:00-5:00 p.m.- Spy Training

Now it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty. This what being a spy is all about!

During this time we will learn how to decode secret messages with our decoders, practice the art of interrogation, learn how to read fingerprints, and try some spy experiments.

5:00-6:00p.m.- Field Training

Now that we put our brains to work it is time to workout our muscles and nimbleness.

This event we will have a “lazer” maze challenge, “bomb” defusing session, and a little bit of target practice.

9-12 (possibly longer)

Big Caper Day

Today we put all of our training to a test as something has gone awry and they need our expertise in solving the crime.

This will be a scavenger hunt that will spread out through the convention. It will use some of the skills the children learned from Friday and Saturday so we encourage you to participate as much as possible! Feel free to have the kids dress all in black this day too so that they can get into their spy role.

In addition we will have a special Doctor Who themed mystery challenge as well.


Intervention 6 Programming Schedule is Live!

Heads up, everyone! The Intervention 6 programming grid is now online! Check it out for a full schedule of panels, workshops, parties, and video presentations. You can also use the search function at the top to find out who’s going to be presenting what panels (or, if you’re a panelist, where you’ll be and when).

If you’d like more information on any of the panels listed, check out our programming descriptions page.


Kory Kaese Memorial Game Room dedication Friday 8/14 at 7PM in the board gaming room

On the Friday of our convention the Intervention staff along with Allison Kaese will be having a small dedication ceremony in which we will be renaming the board gaming room at Intervention (and (Re)Generation Who) the Kory Kaese Memorial Game Room.

Kory attended our convention every year and was a huge supporter of our work before it was cool to do so. He was like that and everyone whom he came in contact with has been left a little better off for having known him.

I invite everyone to attend. If you cannot afford a registration and would like to pay your respects to Kory, please contact Wes at wes at lifergeek dot com.

As it turns out there are things harder than starting 2 conventions.


Guest Spotlight: “Archie” VP Harold Buchholz comes to Intervention!

Harold Buchholz of Archie Comics

Intervention is all about bringing professionals in the field together with aspiring creators. This yeah, Archie fans will have a chance to meet up with Harold Buchholz, the Senior Vice President of Publishing and Operations at Archie Comics. Harold’s career spans two decades, including work on his own comics, “Apathy Kat” and “WildLion.” He’s also helped hundreds of artists just like you at all stages of their career move forward and get published.

Harold will be appearing on panels throughout the weekend to discuss the comics industry, working in an established franchise like Archie Comics, and what it’s like to make your career in the field you love. There’s still time to grab weekend tickets, so don’t miss your chance!


Guest Spotlight: Indie Filmmakers Jabraan Ismail, Michael C. Dougherty, and Mary Ratliff

Over the years, Intervention has expanded its scope to include creators beyond the webcomic world. This year, we’re bringing in lots of indie filmmakers and storytellers to share their experiences with you, and we’d like to introduce you to just a few of them today!


Jabraan Ismail is the director of the award-winning documentary We Wanna Make a Movie, which has been lauded at many film festivals. He’s also had a hand in work for Hallmark Television, the American Cancer Society, and LLP Productions, as well as the feature films Elf-Man and Exists. He’ll be at Intervention 6 to share experiences from his seven years of production work and national travel for film, commercials, and more to help you step into the world of filmmaking!



Filmmaker and producer Michael C. Dougherty is the president and co-founder of Big Damn Films, the makers of the popular fan film Browncoats: Redemption. BDF’s films go the extra mile in crowdfunding, charity fundraising, and raising awareness of causes: the aforementioned Browncoats: Redemption raised over $117,000 for charity. His next film, Z*Con, promises to accomplish the same. Michael will be at Intervention to help you learn what it takes to get your work seen, raise awareness of causes, and leverage social media to promote your work.



Writer and producer Mary Ratliff is a highly experienced writer and director, having had a hand in short films, a webseries, commercials, and more. Her production company, Nine Hour Films, has released many projects, included the recently completed Good Game, a documentary following professional gamers. She, too, has found creative and innovative ways to use the Internet and social media to bring attention to her work, including screenings on and participation in the first Humble Bundle to include films. And she’s ready to help you learn to do the same!

There are still more guests to spotlight before the con. Keep an eye out to see who’s ready to meet you at Intervention and help you learn to make your creative projects soar!

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