Intervention: Sci Fi, Fantasy, & Future Media for 2017 /18

This just went out to our mailing list:

Hi Intervention Attendee,

We wanted to reach out to give you some information on Intervention and some upcoming events that might interest you.

As you know, we were not able to schedule Intervention 8 for 2017. We’re still working on when we can bring Intervention back into our schedule–but we wanted to share with you some exciting news on how you can still be involved with some of the great programming we normally do at the event.

We will be announcing soon an entire track of Intervention sponsored programming at both of our upcoming events PotterVerse (https://potterversecon.com) and (Re)Generation Who (https://regenerationwho.com). We expect that up to 25% of the programming at each of those events will be related to topics normally presented at Intervention–things like writing great characters, creating fantasy/sci-fi worlds, how to publish your own works, and many more.

So, if you happen to like the Harry Potter universe, or the Doctor Who universe, you can go and also participate in that fandom as well as the creator oriented things you normally love about Intervention.


PotterVerse is happening September 8-10th, and (Re)Generation Who 4 is taking place March 23-25th. We already have a great line up of guests at PotterVerse (Natalia Tena, Miriaim Margoyles, Devon Murray, and more) and Peter Davison has confirmed for Regen–so you can expect part of our programming to be highlighting the indie works of these actors and other creators at the event.





If you happen to be a VIP level 7 for Intervention, we’re giving you free registration to both of these events this year–it’s already in our system so you can just show up and get your badges at the pre-reg table.

We hope you all can join us at one or both of these upcoming events, and we look forward to seeing you at Intervention 8 in the future. Thank you for your support!

–Oni and Harknell, and the entire Onezumi Events Team


Intervention 8 News

Onezumi Events is pleased to announce that on Sept. 8-10, 2017 we will be bringing a 3 day Harry Potter Convention to Baltimore in the same way we brought Doctor Who to Baltimore with our (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention.


This probably leaves you with some questions since Sept. 8-10th is normally when Intervention takes place.

We are investigating the dates and location for Intervention 8. Due to several factors involving venue and timing we will be moving Intervention to a different time of the year away from August / September. Our desire is to announce those dates to you in early 2017 for an event to occur in 2018.

Part of the reasoning for the change in timeframe comes down to the ever increasing concentration of events that are happening in August/September in the Mid-Atlantic and the need to place the event during a time where new guests will be able to attend without conflicts. A smaller, general sci-fi / fantasy con can’t compete with so many super sized events taking place in the same area. Last year there were no less than 3 conventions scheduled opposite Intervention within less than a 30 minute car ride.

We are committed to continuing Intervention and will inform the community as soon as we work out the details to bring our 8th year of the event to you.

In the meantime, Oni Hartstein will be focusing her blog on the same Geeky Small Business and Art Marketing, Motivation, and Inspiration topics normally discussed at Intervention complete with celebrity guests and tutorials. This will begin in early 2017 and it will be obsessively comprehensive, so bookmark Oni Hartstein’s blog and subscribe to her YouTube to take advantage of that when it launches. If you have Facebook, you can post questions that she will make tutorials on in this group. (Or you can email her direct through her blog.)

The best part? Oni’s tutorials are going to be free, so even people who can’t travel to Baltimore can now take advantage of the Intervention way- all year ’round.

As we said earlier we have just announced our newest event, PotterVerse: Maryland’s Harry Potter Convention, which will take place September 8-10th 2017 at the Renaissance Harborplace hotel in Baltimore. Coincidentally, the Hogwart’s theme allows us to put a little bit of Intervention inside it’s programming.

That wasn’t an accident. :)

I hope you can join us this year at PotterVerse and I look forward to informing about about Intervention 8 in the future!


Intervention 7 in Review

Reviews, blogs, and podcasts are pouring in from our attendees, and we’re loving all the feedback we’re getting! If you missed our event this year, these bloggers have got you covered!


‘Intervention was very close to my cave, and even though the DC metro area has some fairly large conventions and festivals, it was amazing to find such an intimate community right here.’

First up, writer Timothy Johnson tells us about his time as a panelist on Intervention Sunday. Check out his summary here, and be sure to check out his website for info on his writing career and his novel, Carrier.


‘What separates this Con from similar ones is the positive, all-inclusive vibe.’

Hello Talalay gives us an overview of the sights and sounds of this year’s event as Sarah Talalay stopped in to see panels conducted by her sister Rachel! Check out Sarah and James’s full blog to follow then on their travels around the world.


‘That’s the magic of Intervention: sometimes even the people who run it don’t know what sort of little miracles are going to happen.’

Our community manager Kara Dennison contributed a staff’s-eye view of the event to We Are Cult, a UK-based blog focusing on everything from sci-fi and fantasy to vinyl reissues and Hammer horror. Visit their blog for news, reviews, and features devoted to all things cult.


‘While remaining a friendly makers’ space, Intervention has shifted its scope into the broader realms of science fiction and fantasy.’

Gillian Kinney gave a run-down of her experience at various panels, offering insight into the convention’s growth over time. Check out her website for more information about her writing, art, and photography.

And, last but not least, there were kind words to be had in this TripAdvisor review of the Hilton, describing Intervention as ‘a geek’s heaven’!

Have you reviewed this year’s event? Share it to our Facebook fan page so we can show it off!


Alex Kingston’s Sunday Schedule!


Missed Alex Kingston yesterday? There are still plenty of chances to see her today! Here’s her schedule for the last day of the con:

10 AM, Vendors Room: Autographs

11 AM, Photo-Op Room: Photos

12 PM, Main Events: Panel: “Time Travel with Alex Kingston”

1 PM, Vendors Room: Final autograph session

Be sure to check our programming schedule for a full list of today’s events!


RAFFLE! $5 could get you Balticon tickets and cool swag!


Swing by the merch table (just outside the Vendor room) today or tomorrow for a chance at an awesome prize package!

Intervention is raffling off a huge prize that any geek will love, including prints by some of our guests and featured vendors, cute toys, Doctor Who merch, and two passes to Balticon 51!

Tickets are $5 each at the merch table. Winners will be drawn at the beginning of our closing panel at 3 PM on Sunday in Main Events. So be sure to grab your tickets now!

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