Friday Guest Spotlight: Pete Abrams

You can’t talk about the history of webcomics without mentioning Sluggy Freelance. Pete Abrams has been around since the start of the entire concept of web based comic distribution, and will probably outlast everyone else at the rate he’s going. He’s been doing it since 1997 and working full time at it (and noted to be the first person to make an actual living off of webcomics) for most of that time. You practically can’t get a large group of webcomic professionals together without a huge discussion of the current story line of Sluggy breaking out, often with shouted opinions on where and what should be happening next in the comic. The list of cross overs and references to Sluggy in other comics is enormous, with our comic being one of them.

Pete will be at Intervention to meet up with his fans and doodle constantly (as he’s known to almost constantly be drawing). If you’re lucky a few sessions of Get Nifty, the game based on his comic, might break out in the Intervention game room (the game, by the way, was designed by another Intervention guest Rob Balder).

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