Intervention And SPX: See Both And Get The Full Picture On Independent Comics

Intervention and SPX are happy to announce a joint promotion to our respective attendees. Intervention and SPX will each be providing 25 free full event passes to our attendees to visit the other event. Since Intervention and SPX are in the same area this weekend, and both provide a huge amount of information on the modern independent comics scene, this will give 25 lucky people the opportunity to “get the whole story” for the price of admission to only one of the events.

Intervention will be giving out their 25 SPX full weekend passes at random to Pre-Registered Full Weekend Intervention registration holders, or to full weekend at-door registration purchasers.

We encourage everyone who loves independent comics to attend both shows–this is a unique opportunity to see and talk to an overwhelming number of comic artists in one area, at one time.

4 Responses to “Intervention And SPX: See Both And Get The Full Picture On Independent Comics”

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  2. Chris Flick says:

    This is an awesome opportunity for those 25 lucky individuals, for sure!!!

  3. […] be PLENTY of excellent programming for the event. Going to SPX? No worries – there’s a joint promotion going on between both […]

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