1 Week Until The Pre-Reg Rate Increases…Look Shiny Objects!

We just wanted to make sure everyone was aware that we are just about 1 week away (July 1, 2011) from the Pre-Registration cost for Intervention 2011 going from it’s current cost of $35 for the full 3 days, to the “Last Minute” Pre-registration cost of $40. So It’s definitely a good idea to buy your registration to the event now. You also might want to add on an Enabler Level while you’re at it, which gets your Registration sent by mail so you don’t have to stand in a line at the event (and also get invited to the special Enabler exclusive Guest “Meet and Greet” event).

If you want more incentive to go to the event this year, maybe the fact that we will be giving out over 2000+ dollars in items to our attendees for free, ranging from Wacom tablets, Manga Studio software, Big plush animals, and more might stimulate you to lock in your registration now. We’re just saying….

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