UPDATED: New Guests, New Artists, New Price (soon)

We’ve added quite a few new people to our Guests list for Intervention 2011, as well as put up the details for some of the Artists who will be in our Vendor Room this year.

(Chainsaws And Vodka Go Well Together Obviously)

We’re very happy to add Helene McLaughlin of the GeekMom Blog, as well as Becky Harks of Mommy Wants Vodka to our quickly growing blogging guest list. We’ve also added webcomic artists Jamie Noguchi (of Yellow Peril), Darren Gendron (of Alignments), and Danny Valentini (of Draconia Chronicles) to the big list.

(You Know We Love Monkeys)

UPDATED: Carrie Gouldin, Web Community Manager for ThinkGeek.com (known online as the ThinkGeek Twitter monkey @thinkgeek) is now a confirmed guest of the con. (see it can happen that fast)

We also have plenty more people we’ll be adding to the list soon, so you might want to take your last opportunity to lock in your pre-registration to Intervention 2011 at our super price of $35 for the full weekend before it goes up to $40 on July 1.

2 Responses to “UPDATED: New Guests, New Artists, New Price (soon)”

  1. I’ll be running a panel or two (I hope) and I’ll have books for everyone! Looking forward to mah Intervention debut!!!

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