Sneak Peek Part 2

In a previous post we started showing you some of the stuff we’d have to give away to attendees to Intervention 2011, well now you get even more temptation:

What Could Be In this Ominous Shipping Bag?

Why, it’s a bunch of Russian Games! From Right Games. They’re in English of course, and some people participating in our Board Gaming area will get to take some home with them.

Want To Stay Up All Night?

For those of you in either our Board Gaming area, or Video Gaming area, you might be lucky enough to get a bit more energy to keep going through your marathon gaming session by getting some Bawls Energy drinks.

Time To Make Art!

Of course, those of you more on the artistic side might be interested in creating your own Manga or Anime–so you’ll want to know all about the Smith Micro software we’ll be giving out to some lucky people. Both Anime Studio and Manga Studio is available, with debut and professional levels as well. We’re really excited to see what you guys use this for over the next year–maybe you can debut your work at Intervention 2012!

Like Owls Much?

We also have some “Hoot Kits” from the guys at Hootsuite. And you know how much we love Owls :)

Yum!…I Guess?

And what event would be complete without some delicious ThinkGeek Unicorn Meat? If you are at the event on Friday you’ll have a good shot of having some of this…*gulp*…delicious fare yourself.

The Show Stopper!

And of course the premiere star of the show, Wacom’s Intuous 4 Pen Tablet. The professional’s tool. Oni uses one of these to do all of her comics and other graphics work. It’s the standard in the industry for a reason–and we have 2 of them to give away. You can also stop in a watch some demos with one being used–Oni will be doing a Manga Studio demo with it and we have some Photoshop panels as well.

So we hope you liked this second sneak peek at some of the thousands of dollars worth of stuff we’ll be diving out. (oh yeah, there’s more, but we’ll save that for the next sneak peek posting :) )

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