Intervention guest Nicole Dieker / Hello, the Future makes her first 20K since becoming a full time musician / Let’s make a music video at Intervention 2013

Congrats to Nicole / Hello, The Future! on making her first 20K as a full time musician.

I remember in 2010 when I found Nicole of Hello, the Future via Twitter, thanks to webcomics fan and friend Mkinyon . You might recognize her from our promotional video.

We were just about getting to the deployment deadline of Intervention 2010 and we saw she had been looking to get involved with cons, but was not having so much luck.

I checked her out and couldn’t for any reason fathom why other cons weren’t grabbing her up. She was a very last minute addition to the show that year.

We pride ourselves at Intervention in that we look at people and what they want to bring to our event as the first and most serious criteria when choosing Guest Speakers and Performers. I believe that this is the biggest factor in people’s success – drive. You don’t have to know someone to get involved with our event.

Our view is why we find the best new talent out there while bringing you great Thought Leaders in the land of DIY art and tech. Every one of our Guests is also ready and willing to speak with anyone at length about DIY and how you can try it, too.

Since 2010, Nicole is one of many people involved with our event who has quit her day job and started a career as a full time musician. She’s been documenting it truthfully – including the struggles involved – over at her tumblr. It’s well worth a read.

Be sure to congratulate her at the con this weekend, and see her perform @ 8PM Friday and 1PM Sunday

You can also:

Sample and buy her new album.

Follow her on Twitter.

“Like” her FB page.

Want to be in her new music video? Of course, you do. Stop by her table in the Vendor’s Room. All you need to do is draw her something and have that videotaped for inclusion into the next awesome.

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