Intervention is an annual convention in Maryland celebrating Science Fiction, Fantasy, Pop Culture, and the Art that surrounds them.


Press Applications Now Open!


Writer Tai Gooden interviews Terry Molloy. (Photo courtesy Krystal Lynn.)

Do you run or work for a news website, podcast, blog, or other geeky outlet? Would you like to come to Intervention and cover our event? Applications are now open for press for 2017!

To apply for a pass, visit our press page and download the application. The press page also has releases, photos, and more info if you’d like to cover us before the event, too! We look forward to hearing from you!



REVEAL: Intervention 7 VIP Con T Shirt Artwork by Oni Hartstein

We already revealed the regular con t shirt art. Now here is the VIP art – complete with TARDIS and Rocket design!

Our VIP levels are how we raise money to fund the convention and can continue to bring you the amazing guests, programming, and more that you have come to expect.

An $85 donation will get you a Level 3 VIP package. You get ALL of the benefits of levels 1 and 2 (click here for details), PLUS Mentioned on the Intervention website and this Special T-Shirt that is not sold or available to the public otherwise and printed to order in your size:



I hope you will donate this year because it is going to be our best work yet. Thank you to everyone who has donated and registered. It’s because of you that we can do this. We truly appreciate it.


REVEAL: Intervention 7 Official Con T Shirt Artwork by Oni Hartstein

GUYS. This is super special because it’s one of the first things I’ve been able to design after having recovered from eye surgery that restored my sight . I also think it’s the best con t shirt I have ever designed.


Definitely pre-order one of these!


We can’t order a lot of extra t shirts, so the only way to guarantee that you’ll get one in your size is to pre-order it and it will be waiting for you at the merch table when you arrive at the con. We will only have a small number of t shirts in limited sizes available at the con.

Pre order your shirt via the registration form. Note that this is the regular con t shirt. I will reveal the design for the VIP T Shirt soon.


Tick Tock! Registration goes up from $50 to $60 for full weekend on July 1st!

That’s right – the price increase happens coming JULY 1ST!

intervention 7 banner

The expansion to the con this year is going to be our best work yet. Spend a weekend with René Auberjonois, Gigi Edgley, Jon St John, Robert Axelrod, Pete Abrams, Dwight Schultz, and many more. We are about to announce another major guest (and remember – the more pre-registrations we get, the more we can do each year), so register now! :)

Artists and Vendors

Artists and Vendors

We pride ourselves in being an all-inclusive atmosphere where the attendees, staff, and the guests have fun and truly enjoy their time together. Real conversations – and you’ll never be treated like a number. It’s because of your financial support that we can bring this to you and we appreciate every single one of you. We thank you so much for that and hope that you can enjoy us this year!

click here to learn more about our amazing guests! Click here to see examples of previous years’ programming. We will have a programming draft up this month!


GUEST ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dwight Schultz, Jon St. John, and John Peel!

Tonight in our hangout, we announced three new big guests for 2016!


First, welcome Dwight Schultz to the event! Dwight is known to Star Trek fans as Lt. Barclay, who first appeared in The Next Generation and went on to show up in later series and films. Others will remember his first major role as Captain “Howling Mad” Murdock on The A-Team.


Next up, voice actor Jon St. John! Jon is best known for playing the title character in the Duke Nukem game series.


And finally (at least for now) sci-fi/fantasy writer John Peel, a mainstay at (Re)Generation Who years 1 and 2, will be joining us Intervention-side! John has written books for Doctor Who and other existing series, as well as being a prolific author in his own right.

More guest announcements are coming soon, so stay tuned! Click here to view all of the the guests we have announced so far.

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