Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle…Belly Dance

Antipode lit up the stage again with their brand of quirky, creative geeky bellydance!

This year? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thanks to Mike O’Brien for this clip:


Owl Breakdancing!

Our human guests weren’t the only ones enjoying themselves at Intervention this past weekend!

Check out what the owls on the Intervention merchandise table were up to! Special thanks to Kimu Theodore for the Vine capture!

Click here to watch the video!


Look What Our Tiny Owls Did!

You don’t need to be a shirt-and-tie wearing adult working in some boring studio to produce awesome animation.


Some of Intervention’s kiddie guests spent time with Eric Hardenbrook of our Children’s Programming Room to produce a stop-motion animation segment for the convention. A peaceful street bustling with activity is suddenly overrun with–what else?–the Sharknado in this latest stop-motion classic.

Check out the results of Sharknado at Intervention!


Video Spotlight: Melissa Jordan

Artists and other creators aren’t exclusively limited to the Guest List at Intervention. Our crowd of attendees is swarming with podcasters, videographers, photographers, artists, musicians, and others from all over the creative spectrum.

Our vlogger Jennifer Logue spoke with Melissa Jordan, host of the upcoming TinderCast, a podcast dedicated to personal storytelling.


Video spotlight: Pete Abrams

Our Intervention vlogger Jennifer Logue spoke with the always-awesome Pete Abrams about Sluggy Freelance, his panels, and why he loves coming back to Intervention every year.

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