The following people are scheduled to appear at Intervention 2013 as Guests / Panelists


Intervention 5 Guest List:

David Pescovitz - BoingBoing, MAKE Magazine, and many other publications

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David Pescovitz is co-editor/managing partner of Boing Boing and a research director at Institute for the Future, a not-for-profit thinktank in Silicon Valley. For more than two decades, Pescovitz has been at the forefront of tech/culture -- as a journalist, publisher, researcher, and technology futurist. Launched as a print 'zine in 1989 and a blog in 2000, Boing Boing now has more than 5 million monthly readers and publishes a daily mix of short articles, long features, and videos about technology, science, art, culture, and social issues. Fast Company has called it "one of the most popular blogs on the planet" and the New Yorker said that Boing Boing is "read by geeks the world over." As a forecaster, Pescovitz frequently presents to leaders of Fortune 500 companies about the future of technology and how tomorrow's innovations will transform the way we live.

Pescovitz co-wrote the book Reality Check, based on his long-running futurist column in Wired magazine. He has also written for Scientific American, MAKE, Popular Science, New York Times, Washington Post, IEEE Spectrum, Salon, and New Scientist, among many other publications. In 2002, he won the Foresight Prize in Communication, recognizing excellence in educating the public and research community about nanotechnology and other emerging technologies. His writings on technology and culture are featured in the books What Are You Optimistic About?, The Happy Mutant Handbook, and The 'Zine Reader. Pescovitz holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Media from the University of Cincinnati and a Master's in Journalism from UC Berkeley.

Pete Abrams - Sluggy Freelance

Pete Abrams is the creator of the highly addictive niftiness that is Sluggy Freelance, a remarkably twisted daily online comic strip that has been appearing at since August 25, 1997. Starting the comic strip as a creative outlet, his world with the switchblade-wielding rabbit quickly expanded into uncharted territory and grew into over a decade of alien vampire missile-launching fun. Since its Satan-spamming beginnings, Sluggy Freelance has attracted a devoted global following and is one of the most popular and well-known comics on the web.

Pete holds the honor of being twice-invited as a speaker at Harvard conventions as well as at a Vassar convention, making him all ivy-league-ish. Pete has gained recognition not only online, but through such high profile appearances as the original comics included in NY Times bestselling author John Ringo's Hell's Faire, and as part of the New York's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art webcomics exhibition in Fall, 2007, as well as appearances on NPR's Weekend Edition with Liane Hansen. Pete is reputed to be the first person to ever make a living by drawing a webcomic.

Currently, Pete lives in New Jersey (and doesn't even mind it) with his wife, Rachel, and two daughters, Leah and Sarah. Click here to read his comic.

Jonathan Rosenberg - Scenes From a Multiverse / Goats

Jonathan Rosenberg is the creator of the webcomic Scenes From A Multiverse, a daily comic about what it’s like to live in a multiverse. Each day, Monday through Friday, he visits another location somewhere in an ordinary, everyday multiverse and shows how folks there live and play.

Jonathan's previous comic is the long running series Goats.

Onezumi Hartstein - Con Chair of Intervention / Onezumiverse

Fans say that Onezumi is what would happen if Dirty Harry and Weird Al Yankovic had a daughter that loved to draw.

Oni is one of the most active contributors to and supporter of the webcomics and online art scene:

- She co-wrote and drew "Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos" and "My Annoying Life", both are Lovecraftian Horror Comedies.
- She founded this event :) - Intervention is a convention for online art, webcomics, bloggers, fans, and all creators who want to learn, have fun, or just geek out.
- She posts random art, reviews haunted attractions, and creates other awesomeness on her personal blog Onezumiverse.

CONNECT: Oni's Twitter - Oni's Facebook - Stupid and Insane FB Fan Page

James Harknell - Con Chair of Intervention / Work on: Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos / My Annoying Life / / Erfworld / Skin Horse


Harknell has been working with Onezumi for over 13 years. After noticing that there was very little online to help artists, he decided to do something about it.

Harknell customized his first art-centric Content Management System in 2003. Today he releases Wordpress plugins at and serves as a webmaster and guide for the online comic and blogging industry. His most recent accomplishments include custom website installs for Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos and Erfworld, as well as working as a webmaster for Shaenon Garrity for her comic Skin Horse. Harknell co-founded Intervention and worked with Onezumi writing for Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos.

Harknell is best known for his easy to understand way of helping artists get their websites up and running. He has been a recurring guest speaker at places like XM Satellite Radio, Katsucon (, Ubercon (, Balticon (, Otakon (, Intervention, and many others.

Today he lives in New Jersey with Onezumi and way too many computers and mobile devices.

Chris Impink & Barb Fischer - Sledge Bunny

Studio Unseen is made up of two carbon-based creatures: Chris Impink and Barb Fischer. They recently premiered their new project, Sledgebunny: a sports-anime-inspired comic that takes place in the fast-paced world of flat track roller derby. On December 30, 2009, they closed the book on Fragile Gravity, a strip that featured independent comics, conventions, and (in an earlier arc) an invasionary force of penguins. Oh, and an extra-bitter stoat.

Chris Impink does the artwork and web design; he has been featured in Antarctic Press and did much of the graphic work for The Babylon Project role-playing game. Additionally, his work has been featured at various conventions such as Katsucon, Technicon, and Rising Star. He is also mildly notorious for co-founding Katsucon, though his team of
spin doctors has kept that under wraps for many years. In his rare moments of free time, Chris works with the crew from Super Art Fight ( , running the Wheel of Death and notching up wins on the championship belt.

Barb Fischer does the writing as well as merchandise assembly and convention spotting; when not plotting out the nuts and bolts of Sledgebunny, she supervises the geek training of her eleven-year-old son, who now enjoys listening to the themes to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Who. She hopes one day to conquer the world with her invincible shelving robots, but has yet to find anyone who would buy her enough Legos to start construction.

Dave Ghoul - DJ

DJ and all around convention dance-party instigator Dave Ghoul returns to Intervention to provide the soundtrack to Friday and Saturday night's festivities!

Dave Ghoul is a longtime DJ and event organizer from Philadelphia that specializes in alternative dance music (Electro, EBM, Synth, Industrial, Goth, Steampunk, Neo-Swing, Dark Cabaret). He's one of the founders and co-organizers of the Philly Zombie Crawl and its undead siblings the Philly Zombie Beach Party and the Philly Zombie Prom. He's also a resident DJ at both Shadowland Lancaster (monthly Goth and Industrial club night) and Dorian's Parlor (quarterly Steampunk hootenanny). And, if that's not enough, he's DJed a long list of conventions and events including Dracula's Ball, Diabolique Ball, The Philly Pirate Cruise, The Steampunk World's Fare, The SteamWërk Ball, The Twisted World, and Wicked Faire.

For more information about Dave Ghoul, please visit Also, Dave Ghoul feels awkward writing in third person.

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