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"Welcome to our creative and geeky DIY world. Life doesn't have to be boring. Maybe you just need an Intervention!" - Oni Hartstein, Co-Founder


Guest Spotlight: Indie Filmmakers Jabraan Ismail, Michael C. Dougherty, and Mary Ratliff

Over the years, Intervention has expanded its scope to include creators beyond the webcomic world. This year, we’re bringing in lots of indie filmmakers and storytellers to share their experiences with you, and we’d like to introduce you to just a few of them today!


Jabraan Ismail is the director of the award-winning documentary We Wanna Make a Movie, which has been lauded at many film festivals. He’s also had a hand in work for Hallmark Television, the American Cancer Society, and LLP Productions, as well as the feature films Elf-Man and Exists. He’ll be at Intervention 6 to share experiences from his seven years of production work and national travel for film, commercials, and more to help you step into the world of filmmaking!



Filmmaker and producer Michael C. Dougherty is the president and co-founder of Big Damn Films, the makers of the popular fan film Browncoats: Redemption. BDF’s films go the extra mile in crowdfunding, charity fundraising, and raising awareness of causes: the aforementioned Browncoats: Redemption raised over $117,000 for charity. His next film, Z*Con, promises to accomplish the same. Michael will be at Intervention to help you learn what it takes to get your work seen, raise awareness of causes, and leverage social media to promote your work.



Writer and producer Mary Ratliff is a highly experienced writer and director, having had a hand in short films, a webseries, commercials, and more. Her production company, Nine Hour Films, has released many projects, included the recently completed Good Game, a documentary following professional gamers. She, too, has found creative and innovative ways to use the Internet and social media to bring attention to her work, including screenings on and participation in the first Humble Bundle to include films. And she’s ready to help you learn to do the same!

There are still more guests to spotlight before the con. Keep an eye out to see who’s ready to meet you at Intervention and help you learn to make your creative projects soar!


New Guest Announcements: Michael “Mookie” Terracciano and Garth Graham!

We’re just a few weeks away from Intervention 6, but we’re not done announcing guests!

First up, we’re very happy to be welcoming back Michael Terracciano and Garth Graham!

Mookie200[1] Garth200[1]

Michael and Garth both have quite a webcomics pedigree, with the former being the creator of Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire and the latter running both Comedity and Finder’s Keepers. The two now work together on the sci-fi webcomic Star Power, which updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Both Michael and Garth will be available to chat with throughout the weekend, and will be sharing their experiences and expertise on our panels.

Look out for more guest spotlights over the next few days!


Programming Descriptions Online; Schedule Coming Soon!

The full list of Intervention 6 panels, workshops, and main events is now online! Check out the Programming Descriptions page for more information on everything that’s on offer this year.

Bear in mind this is not the completed schedule — just the list of panels and descriptions. The complete schedule will be coming later this week, so keep an eye out!


Exhibitor Hall acceptance letters and new link banners!

As of this morning, all Exhibitor Hall applications have been replied to. Congratulations and welcome to the Intervention family — and welcome back to our returning exhibitors! You should be receiving a follow-up email soon concerning promoting Intervention on your site and social media leading up to the con.

For anyone else who’d like to help promote us — now you can! We’ve got fresh new link banners and icons available now. Whether you’re an exhibitor, an attendee, a guest, or just love what we do and want to support us, we’d really appreciate your help spreading the word. Link us on your website using the banners provided, or swap out your Facebook and Twitter icons. If you’re feeling extra supportive, we’ve even got flyers you can print out and take to your local comic book store, club meeting, campus, or wherever you think people might be interested. Word of mouth is one of the biggest ways we get ourselves out there, so show the world you’re here to help us inspire and support up-and-coming creators!


Interview: ‘Doctor Who’s Davros, Terry Molloy, ready to ‘charge up creative batteries’ at Intervention


Doctor Who fans, especially attendees of (Re)Generation Who, know Terry Molloy as one of the actors behind Davros, the fearsome creator of the Daleks. But Terry’s career spans decades and genres — and he’ll be sharing some of his expertise with us at Intervention this summer! We talked to Terry about what he’s been up to and what to expect at the con.


Intervention: ‘Doctor Who’ fans will almost certainly know you as Davros, but tell us about some of your other roles!

Molloy: For 42 years now, as ‘Mike Tucker’, I have been a member of the cast of the longest running Radio serial in the world …“The Archers”. First broadcast January 1st 1951 it has run ever since on BBC Radio 4, 15 minutes a day Monday to Friday with an Omnibus every Sunday morning.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of theatre, TV and film roles over the years, but the media I always enjoy and have been immersed in throughout most of my career, with two major Industry awards to my name in both the UK and New York, is of course Audio Drama.


Intervention: Tell us a bit about your latest project, ‘Kosmos,’ and how it came about.

Molloy: Kosmos is a web based Sci-Fi episodic film series, that is dark, mysterious and downright scary in places. It stars myself with Virginia Hey (Mad Max 2 & Farscape) as husband and wife battling with Jeff Dahlgren as our son-in-law battling over the fate of our daughter, who lies in a coma. Nobody knows why she is comatose…or do they?

A brilliant 5-part crowd funded series one is open to anyone to see, by unlocking each episode with viewings as we gain ‘Kosmos Citizens’ along the way! More on that at Intervention!


Intervention: We can’t wait to see you at Intervention! What can attendees expect to learn from you at your panels?

Molloy: You’ll have to come along and find find out! I’m still working on some final ideas and details for the workshops I will be running, but key to it will be fun, frivolity, blowing away cob-webs and opening eyes and hearts to the endless possibilities that audio drama has to offer the creative mind and voice!


Intervention: What about Intervention itself are you most looking forward to? What do you think it can offer to its attendees?

Molloy: I am so excited and honoured to be invited to attend Intervention and share some of the skills and knowledge I have gained over forty something years as an actor, director and producer!

I know we will all have an amazing time, meeting new and old friends, chatting, sharing our skills and obsessions and charging up those all important creative batteries to go out and embrace the work we love with new energy and ideas.


Intervention: Any words of encouragement for aspiring actors out there?

Molloy: Simple… DON’T DO IT!!

However, if you have a burning passion in your soul to act, to share the emotions, strengths and flaws of a character you have created in front of an audience as a creative act…not one based in ego. If you are ready to sweat physically and intellectually daily to keep pushing the envelope of your craft, knowing that the pathway never runs straight and true, and truly never ends no matter how long you have been doing it… Then… DO IT!

Do you have a passion to be not just an actor, but a director, a writer, a producer, a marketeer, a financier and be filled with a thirst for the insecurity and rejection that lies at every turn, yet you still HAVE TO DO IT?

And if you truly believe have that indefinable quality inside you to succeed…then

Simple… DO IT!

The rewards may not always be monetary, but those moments of peace and joy you will experience through your life in having walked the road open and truthful, in spite of the pitfalls and kickbacks, are the real paycheck, and untarnished gold for your soul!


You can meet Terry Molloy – as well as other actors, writers, artists, and creatives who want to help you be your best — at Intervention this August.

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