Intervention is an annual convention in Maryland celebrating Science Fiction, Fantasy, Pop Culture, and the Art that surrounds them.


GUEST SPOTLIGHT: Five Questions with John Peel


Leading up to the con, we’ll be spotlighting some of our guests, what to expect at the con, and what they personally are looking forward to! Up first is author John Peel. John has been a guest at our sister event, (Re)Generation Who, for the last two years. Now he’s crossing over to join us at Intervention!

John has written tie-ins for several series, including Doctor Who and Star Trek, as well as his own book series, 2099 and Diadem. Our attendees will have a chance to chat with him about all of these, as well as his personal experiences as a writer.

InterventionCon: At Intervention, we take time to spotlight both fandom favourites and lesser-known creators. Is there a lesser-known creator you think our attendees should know about?

John Peel: Far too many! One would have to be my friend Alan Brennert. Alan’s written some well-loved “Batman” comics, he’s story-edited and written for TV shows Like “Wonder Woman”, “Buck Rogers” and “The Twilight Zone”. Currently he’s writing some well-received novels such as “Honolulu” and “Molokai”. And, along with all of that, he’s a very nice fellow (even if he does like to laugh at my mis-pronouncing Spanish street names in LA…)

IC: Is there anything about your career now that you wish you’d known when you were just starting out?

JP: That an awful lot of editors who claim they’d love to read your latest manuscript are lying. If I’d known that, it would have saved me a lot of time and anxiety.

IC: If an attendee were to walk up to you at the event, what would you be most excited to chat with them about?

JP: Me. Well, my stories! If they liked or hated them, what they enjoyed, what they think might have made them better. That’s the best way for me to gauge whether or not I’m doing the right thing, and hopefully to improve. No matter how much you’ve written, there’s always room for improvement, isn’t there?

IC: Which of our other guests are you looking forward to seeing at Intervention?

JP: Well, I have to confess that would be Dwight Schultz. I watched “The A-Team” purely to see what craziness he’d get up to. And when he was cast as Barclay on “Star Trek – The Next Generation”, I knew we’d be in for a treat, and he didn’t disappoint. I do want to get him to autograph something that might surprise him (no, not an H.M. Murdock figure mint in box – though I do have one!) – one of my novels. I like the idea of him signing one of my own books to me… I should add that it’s because Barclay is a character in it!

IC: Is there anything else you’re looking forward to at the con?

JP: Meeting the staff and the fans again. I know that sounds like I’m kissing up, but it’s quite true – I have such a wonderful time with everyone, and (despite my fabled British reserve) I get and give a lot of very sincere hugs. These conventions wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if all of these wonderful people weren’t involved. I’d name names, except I ain’t no squealer.


Read more about all our guests for 2016 on our Guest page — more will be announced soon! To join John Peel and the rest of the Intervention family in Rockville this September, be sure to register now!


GUEST ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dwight Schultz, Jon St. John, and John Peel!

Tonight in our hangout, we announced three new big guests for 2016!


First, welcome Dwight Schultz to the event! Dwight is known to Star Trek fans as Lt. Barclay, who first appeared in The Next Generation and went on to show up in later series and films. Others will remember his first major role as Captain “Howling Mad” Murdock on The A-Team.


Next up, voice actor Jon St. John! Jon is best known for playing the title character in the Duke Nukem game series.


And finally (at least for now) sci-fi/fantasy writer John Peel, a mainstay at (Re)Generation Who years 1 and 2, will be joining us Intervention-side! John has written books for Doctor Who and other existing series, as well as being a prolific author in his own right.

More guest announcements are coming soon, so stay tuned! Click here to view all of the the guests we have announced so far.


This Wednesday: Intervention/(Re)Gen Announcement Blast!


There’s a lot going on at Onezumi Events! Join Oni, Hark, and Kara this Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern for a slew of announcements about both Intervention in September and (Re)Generation Who in March. We’ll be talking guests, the new Creator Space for Intervention, and (Re)Gen vendors and artist alley. We’ll also answer some of your questions if we have time!

For those who can’t make it, our hangout will be available to watch on our YouTube channel afterward, and all announcements will be on our blogs and social media that night.

Visit the Facebook event page to let us know you’re going, then bookmark the Hangout page and come back Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern to see us! We look forward to seeing you there!


Con Appearances: Check out where we’ll be next!

2016-02-13 09.44.47

Want to meet up with us at other cons? We’re making it easier than ever: check out our Con Appearances page to keep track of where we’ll be in the coming months! These appearances may include tables, meet-ups, and other special surprises.

The page also includes information on how to get us to your local con. Be sure to bookmark it and keep an eye out for us. We look forward to seeing you!


BREAKING: Intervention 7: The Intersection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Future Media launches; many celebrity guests already announced for our biggest year yet!

GUYS. It’s time to let the cat…er..owl out of the bag. This year Intervention is leveling up in a MAJOR way. I’m pleased to announce that we are partnering with many fabulous guests unlike ever before to bring you the best Intervention yet.

I am proud to introduce to you our expansion: Intervention 7: The Intersection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Future Media

Intervention in Rockville, Maryland is proud to announce a major expansion for its 7th year bringing you a “Dragon Con-style” Sci-Fi and Fantasy experience to the Mid-Atlantic area. (Don’t worry – the great creator-based programming you know isn’t leaving – it’s a pure expansion where fans get a lot and creators get a lot and everyone wins!)

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Dragon Con-style conventions but it was tough for many of my friends to travel that far. I’m incredibly happy to be able to bring that to Maryland and implement it with the same family-friendly, community-centric point of view that permeates (Re)Generation Who, my Doctor Who convention.” – Intervention and (Re)Generation Who Founder and Showrunner, Oni Hartstein

Joining us this year is:

Gigi Edgley – “Chiana”, Farscape

Chiana Full length Blue

Todd Haberkorn – Voice Actor: “Hetalia”, “Fairy Tale”; Actor: “Spock”, “Star Trek Continues”

Todd Head shot 2

Robert Axelrod – Voice Actor Lord Zedd, Power Rangers


Pete Abrams – Sluggy Freelance

And of course James and I will be here doing presentations about the arts, marketing, and web design. I have a few secret creative projects that will be revealed soon:

Oni Hartstein – Con Chair of Intervention / (Re)Generation Who / Onezumiverse

James Harknell – Con Chair of Intervention / (Re)Generation Who, Work on: Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos / My Annoying Life / / Erfworld / Skin Horse / Sluggy Freelance

Click here to see the full guest list and bio information so far. We have many more guests to announce. This is just the beginning.

You might ask if the idea behind Intervention is changing. No, it is not. We always will be first and foremost about the arts and the community. Intervention is simply getting bigger, better, and able to welcome more fans than ever before so that we can make even more of a positive difference in the fan community. This is huge. More announcements will come out quite soon.

Register Now

I see that many of you have figured out we’ve opened registration for attendees, artists, and vendors this morning and area already registering! I love you guys. Registration for everything is now open.

Register for Intervention 7.

Register as an Exhibitor. NOTE: Due to space limitations we only have 25 tables this year. They will sell out fast.

New for 2016: Creator Spaces:

NEW FOR 2016: Register for a Creator Space!

The “Creator Space” is a set of tables located in the hallway of Intervention’s function space, with the ability for any registered person attending the event to have the ability to sign up daily to get a half-table spot for the day in the Creator Space. There is no charge for this. Intervention is all about fan creativity and collaboration, so this is a great place to congregate with other artists and collaborate on things that our attendees can watch and/or participate in.

The creator can stay for as long as they want at their table spot. When the creator decides to leave their space (for an extended time, bathroom breaks are fine), the spot goes up for grabs to the next person on the waiting list for the day.

There will be a limited number of 1/2 half table spots available. This space provides a great chance for people to get their work in front of the rest of the event with no additional cost. Stay as long or as short as it makes sense to you to do so. Show off your work on one day, or sign up on multiple days. If you are the type of person that wants to have a dedicated spot where you can set up a more elaborate display, and have your items locked and secured overnight, you can apply for our Exhibitor Hall instead, which gives these and other benefits.

Make sure you’ve registered for Intervention. I’ll be announcing more things soon. Also make sure you’ve checked out and registered for my other convention, (Re)Generation Who: The Doctor Who Convention for Every Generation in Hunt Valley, MD this March 18-20! I’ll see many of you guys there as well!

Apparently I dislike sleeping or free time. It’s worth it. :)

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