ALMOST TIME FOR CON: Check out the schedule, guest list, get your tickets before the price goes up, and THANK YOU to our Enablers!

Hi all! I just wanted to make sure that you all have seen the schedule for the con so you can start planning early what you’d like to do this year. :)

I also want to personally thank the following people for donating an additional amount to the con via our VIP/Enabler program. It’s because if you that we can do this. We really appreciate it! THANK YOU!

William Dana
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You only have a short time until we will have to shut off pre-registration, so it’s best to get your tickets now. Pre-reg will be open all of this week and we will be announcing the date that we close it after this Friday. They are more expensive if you buy them at the door and with an event schedule and guest list this amazing, it’s truly going to be a once in a lifetime event this year.



Five Questions with: Rachel Talalay!


Director/producer Rachel Talalay (Tank Girl, Doctor Who, Supergirl, Sherlock, and many more) will be joining us on Friday and Saturday of our event. But we caught her for a moment beforehand to chat about what she’s looking forward to later this month — and one big thing she’s looking forward to is talking with all of you!


InterventionCon: At Intervention, we take time to spotlight both fandom favourites and lesser-known creators. Is there a lesser-known creator you think our attendees should know about?

Rachel Talalay: I’ve been loving JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but I’m not sure if really lesser known.
I am looking forward to making new discoveries.
Teach ME!

IC: Is there anything about your career now that you wish you’d known when you were just starting out?

RT: The great thing about my ignorance was that it meant I just fumbled forward and wasn’t thwarted.

I wish there had been female mentors available to me and I could have understood how important training and experience is. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.
IC: If an attendee were to walk up to you at the event, what would you be most excited to chat with them about?

RT: I love talking about the actual work and fandoms and fans passion for other works, ideas, artistry. I like debating feminist issues. I’m happy to talk about my work, and love talking about Doctor Who, especially Heaven Sent. I am a bible of Nightmare on Elm Street — I once taught a 6 hour class on it. I like talking about Tank Girl. And I will happily talk about my movie “On The Farm” and the exploitation of women throughout the world.

On the other hand, I dislike generic questions “What’s a producer do?” “How did you get into the business? — which has a subtext of “can I follow your lead?”
Horrible questions are: “What it like working with…?” because the only answer to that is ‘great’, because I’m not about to drop some horror story, even if there is one. Do not ask me “What’s your favorite…? because trying to come up with one favorite paralyzes me — unless it’s something like ‘sports team’ or “chocolate chip cookie’ (Orioles/Tates)

I dislike being solicited for work or connections or things totally generic — ‘how do I become a director?’

I’m interested in the balance between fandom and the creator. I find this blurs in a way I don’t fully understand. I also like talking about moral complexity of the new political correctness. I like talking about allowing the world to have shades of gray, because ranters/haters are too black and white.

IC: Which of our other guests are you looking forward to seeing at Intervention?

RT: All of them, but I definitely want to go to the Thomas Dolby event.
I love Arthur Darvill — we worked together on Legends of Tomorrow.

IC: Is there anything else you’re looking forward to at the con?

RT: I love talking to the participants about what interests them.
I love hearing about people’s innovative ideas. I also like empowering diversity and change. Aand giving people the confidence to make their own choices.
Also, being a RockStar in my own mind is cool — well, sort of.


There will be lots more chances to hear from Rachel and our other guests — including Arthur Darvill, Thomas Dolby, René Auberjonois, and many more — at Intervention 7! Register now to join the party!


Thanks to our Enablers!


As the convention approaches, we’d like to thank our Enablers (listed here) for their extra generosity, as well as their faith in our event and what we do. Because of them, we have the resources to make this year’s event extra special.

Being an Enabler is its own reward, too! In addition to feeling awesome because you made Intervention extra-rocking, you get cool merch made by local artists! All Enablers are invited to our special Enabler Party, and those who go the extra mile get extra-cool perks like a special meet-and-greet with our guests, preferred seating at panels, and (at Level 7 and up) free basic admission to Intervention for life!

Register now and add an Enabler to be part of the fun!


Sept 1 at midnight = last chance to get con t-shirts

Sept 1 (tomorrow) at midnight is the LAST CHANCE to order your regular and VIP con T-Shirts for Intervention: Sci Fi, Fantasy, & Future Media, designed by Oni Hartstein. Which is me. 3rd person me.

Not only are these the first things that I designed after the doctors restored my vision, but they are some of the best designs we’ve ever had and your purchase helps us make the con more awesome.

If you already registered (or are staff) you can upgrade by simply registering but only ordering a shirt. If you need help, just email contact@interventioncon.com



Thank you everyoen who has bought VIP levels and registered so far. We couldn’t do this without you and you mean so much to us. :)


For the Love of Spock — Coming to Greenbelt, MD!


Given the Star Trek 50th anniversary this year and our notably Trek-themed guest list, we’re really excited to tell our fans and attendees that For the Love of Spock is premiering in Maryland on Friday, September 9!

The Old Greenbelt Theater in Greenbelt, MD will be premiering this Leonard Nimoy biopic, directed by son Adam Nimoy, on the 9th, with showings (showtimes TBD) throughout the week. Raffles for movie posters will be held opening night, Saturday night, and during one of the Sunday matinees. A must for Trek fans!

Intervention fans can also win tickets to opening night! Just go to our Facebook page and share our post before Monday, September 5 at 11:59 PM to be entered. The winner will be announced the morning of Tuesday the 6th, and will receive two tickets to the September 9 premiere at the Old Greenbelt Theater!

LLAP, and good luck!

And if you want more Trek awesomeness, including the chance to meet René Auberjonois (Odo), Dwight Schultz (Lt. Barclay), Todd Haberkorn (Spock of Star Trek Continues), and many more, register now for Intervention 7!

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