Donate to Intervention – Become an Enabler!

Your support is critical this year to make sure that we can do this every year. We want to give you cool stuff in return for it!

This convention is by the scene for the scene. We believe that every creator and every fan deserves to be listened to. Webcomics are important. Podcasts are important. Bloggers are important. Your experimental art project involving paper cups and chewing gum that you are disseminating on Twitter is important. We are all about finding the good stuff and giving it a friendly, helpful, and targeted place to shine.

Things like this and this are just the beginning.

This con is not backed by a big corporation. We need your help to make this con the best that it can be. We need you to become an Enabler. Each Enabler Tier gets special perks at the con such as Forum Badges, Express Registration (no waiting in lines), Posters, Shoutouts, a Private Enabler Forum, T-Shirts, Mentioned in the con book with your personalized message, and Preferred Seating. The highest levels will even give you things like a Panel Room named after you, lifetime admission, and a personal assistant,

Click here for a breakdown of what you get for each Enabler Level!

Even if you can’t make it to Intervention this year, you can donate. We will still be able to mail you things like T Shirts and Posters!

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