Why Become an Enabler? Addicting Discussions!

One of the many reasons to become an Enabler is the Addicting Discussions Forum. You can’t see it unless you are an Enabler.

This forum gets the super-secret con news like guest and event announcements before the rest of the world gets it. Guests of the con can also post in there and interact with the Enablers.

It also will get strong rumors. For example, if I am seriously thinking about getting a swimming pool and filling it up with nacho cheese but I’m not sure if it’s 100% going to work out* – I’ll post it in there first. When it’s announced, you’ll already know about it. OR you’ll know that it was originally nacho cheese, but it is now a jaunty helping of Nutella because of a law in MD involving cheese that we had to abide by.

* Just an example! There will be no nacho cheese inside any swimming pools at Intervention. There is a really swanky pool, though.

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