Friday Guest Spotlight: DJ Subvert

Who is DJ Subvert? He is the resident DJ for Contempt!, currently New York City’s longest ongoing Goth/Industrial dance party. DJ Subvert will be bringing his technical expertise to Intervention and doing 2 huge dance parties for us on Friday and Saturday. For those of you who’ve been to a NYC club, this is epic–we’re talking practically all night long continuous dance action. He’s famous for his huge catalog of songs, and his ability to add in practically any song request to the mix. He was also one of the first DJ’s to set up screens that automatically displayed the current song and artist (he programmed the code himself)–How often have you heard a kick ass song but had no idea what it was called or who did it? Yeah, he fixed that problem.

DJ Subvert has always been in the lead in integrating technology into his parties–our Intervention music Twitter will have an output of the current running song at the party, and DJ Subvert has said he plans to do some live music creation allowing attendees to get involved with the song creation itself!

As a programmer DJ Subvert also wears the hat of iPhone developer for the Webcomics Central series of webcomics apps that we release. He is also programming the Intervention iPhone app, which will be released for free in the next few weeks, which will have all of our news feeds, program guide, hotel layout guide, guest guide, and more, all available on your phone for easy access–who needs an out-of-date printed con guide anymore?

This won’t be your standard boring con dance, we assure you, we made sure we brought in a professional because that’s how we do things at Intervention.

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