Room Block Information – Book Your Room Now!

Our location page has been updated with more information including our room block code. (VEN) This will enable you to purchase your room in our room block.

Hilton Washington DC/Rockville
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, United States 20852-1699
Tel: 1-301-468-1100

Intervention has negotiated the low hotel rate of $109.00 per night with the Hilton Rockville.

If you are just so excited that you can’t wait for the Hilton to finalize its customized reservation website for Intervention, you can call now for your hotel reservations! Call 1-800-HILTONS and request group code VEN. Intervention’s group rate is available from Wednesday to Tuesday surrounding our convention weekend so hang around for a while if you’d like!

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding hotel room rates — there are times where an “Advance Purchase” rate may be available for Intervention’s weekend that is lower than our negotiated room rate of $109 per night. As a public service, Intervention would like to ensure that anyone using that rate to come to Intervention is aware of the following restrictions on the rate: once a hotel reservation is booked at that rate, the cost of the entire stay is charged upfront at the time of the reservation and the reservation cannot be modified, transferred or cancelled in any way. Intervention’s hotel room rate will always be the lowest available rate that allows for modifications and cancellations up to 24 hours before checking in.

If you have any questions on any hotel issue, please e-mail our Hotel Liaison at hotel@interventioncon.com


Pre Registration is Up

I am proud to say that Harknell and I have emerged victorious from a mountain of paperwork and bureaucracy. Pre-reg is now up.

Click here to pre-register.

It’s only $35 right now. That gets you all 3 days and nights of panels, comics guests, 2 DJed dance events, a video theater, game room, and an awesome nerd party.

I urge you to please register as soon as you can. This rate is only available until June 15th. However the most important thing is that the more pre-registrations we get, the better we can make the events this year. We are non profit, grassroots operation that is dedicated toward showcasing the best independent creators out there while providing a positive voice and supportive atmosphere for the scene. Your support is critical in allowing us to make this a reproducible yearly event.


Con Update: Pre Reg Still in Process – Table Layout in Progress

Subscribe to our RSS and bookmark this now because we are just getting started! :D This is not a static con blog, so I’ll be posting here so that you can share in our hard work. Once the time-consuming bureaucracy-juggling is done and pre reg is up, you’ll see interviews with comics and other guests start to run here.

Also maybe some monkeys. Everyone loves monkeys.

Pre Reg:

We are unfortunately subject to the slow bureaucracy of the legal system and banking system, so pre reg is still in process. We are waiting for the bank to deliver us our PIN code by postal mail (so slooowww) so that we can activate our account to collect the money. Our pre reg infrastructure has been up and ready to go since early February, but the proper channels for the business license and bank account has taken more time. The good news is that they have promised us that our PIN will be delivered this week. This is the final step in the chain of paperwork.

Room Layout:

I have just returned form a madcap weekend of measuring the rooms, noting where the power outlets are, and generally planning the traffic flow through the building. The next step is to do a mockup of the table layout in the CAD program so that we can get everything exact. The prep for a first year con of this size is pretty freaking intense, so we mare making sure to do it right and get it right. This will be the best run con you have ever been to. That is for sure.

I have for you some photos of the Hilton Rockville from our room layout trip. Prepare to be blown away! Click for larger.

Our rooms are interactive! Yep, those are DRY ERASE WALLS, people. The game room and the room that houses the dance will have the dry erase walls. Other panel rooms will too. This is the smaller version of this room design:

Indoor trees in our massive atrium:

Elevators overlooking the atrium:

Couches in the Atrium. There are so many places here to get photos or party that it is INSANE:

This is HALF of the ballroom where the vendor tables will be. The other half is behind me:

Here is Harknell and I after far too many hours measuring and planning. I was warned that I need to learn to drink beer if I am to be con chair. Ha! :D


Con Chairs Onezumi and Harknell feat. on Webcomic Reviews and Interviews tonight at 7 EST

Harknell and I will be on Webcomic Reviews and Interviews tonight talking about Intervention. 7PM EST – just 30 minutes from now!

Click here to tune in live to to hear a recording after it’s done. (It looks like it’s not up in the archive yet, we’ll post an update when it’s available to listen to)


Guest Announcement: Nerd Comics and Hello with Cheese

More Guests!

Darren Gendron and Bryan Prindiville of Hello with Cheese.


Bree Rubin (Sex, Drugs, and June Cleaver; Mysterious Ways Inc.) and Ami “Auilix” Bogin (Glass Urchin) of NERD comics.

Click here to read the guests page with full bios!

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