Friday Guest Spotlight: Rob Balder

Rob Balder does way too much.


Rob started things up with his first comic PartiallyClips in 2001, which is now (and practically from the start) syndicated in a number of magazines and newspapers. Starting a trend that has characterized his work, he looked at a problem (he’s not a visual artist) and came up with a unique solution by taking clip art and assigning his own signature verbal humor as the focal point.

Not content to stop at one area, Rob helped found the FUMP (The Funny Music Project), which is a website based around an innovative method of selling music online. The FUMP allows filk artists a place to test out new music while rewarding those who most contribute to the overall success of the site. By allowing users to easily connect with the musicians through unprecedented levels of free access to the music it shows that people really will support musicians when they feel a strong connection. It also helps that the stuff on the site is just really funny.

Rob then set out on his real secret evil plan–to create a webcomic that would grab it’s readers and never let go: Erfworld. Starting out as a second comic on the Order of the Stick website, Rob had a lot to prove. The amazing fact that Rob has gained exceptional levels of “Tool” subscriptions (people who are willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee to gain access to extra content on his site) shows how well he’s succeeding on his plan to dominate every area of online media. When you get written up in Time magazine (as one of the top 10 graphic novels of 2007), you know you’ve hit your stride.

And lastly, I only need to mention his well known con moniker: Party Rob. Yes, Rob will be bringing the full deal to Intervention–he’s stated his intent to have a party at Intervention that will go down in the history books. We just hope we won’t have too many casualties so enough people will come back for Intervention 2011.

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