Wednesday Supporter Spotlight: What To Do?

We get contacted by any number of people who ask us how they can help make Intervention a success this year. These spotlight posts will focus on easy and quick ways you can do little things to help out if you so wish. (like printing the above linked flyer PDF).

First off, we have a resource page to help out–https://interventioncon.com/get-involved/, this page has many different link banners (please copy them and place them on your own server or image hosting site–hotlinking to them on our site isn’t the best choice) as well as printable flyers in PDF format that print to regular 8 1/2 X 11 paper size. If you print them up just cut the paper into 4’s and you have some flyers you can give out. If you are attending another con, gaming group, geeky movie premiere, or any place that internet savvy folk go–distributing a few flyers can really help us out.

And the last tip–tell your friends about Intervention. Mention us on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Live Journal, Deviant Art, ….anyplace you go that you think would have people who would groove on the con–just don’t be spammy (so post in threads about going to cons, or if people are asking about things to do, etc.).

Anyway, we’ll post more tips over time–but we want to thank everyone who is helping out and spreading the word–and we appreciate all of the work you guys are doing to make Intervention a success this year.

Thank you,
Harknell and Onezumi

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