Friday Guest Spotlight: Brad Guigar

Where should we start with Brad Guigar? His current daily comic Evil Inc? His other weekly comic Courting Disaster? His Webcomics Weekly work with the other guys in the Half-Pixel collective? His Editorship of the Webcomics tutorial site Webcomics.com? Or the full-on authorship of many books?

As you no doubt have quickly picked up, Brad does more in a week than most people do in a year. The fact that he’s such a jovial fellow in person is the amazing part. He’s known for his good sense of humor (even when the other 3 members of Half-Pixel are ravaging him with NSFW comics depicting his supposed “Guigaring” exploits), and his sincere desire to speak and connect with his fans at his event appearances.

We’ve continually poked Brad to write up a book called “How to Sell Webcomics”, since his technique for getting people to quickly get acquainted, understand, and then buy his work is phenomenal. He just can’t keep copies of his books in stock at his table at con appearances–they come in and then out they go in shoppers hands. You can’t fake that kind of stuff–and you also can’t have crappy work to back it up. So what were saying is hit his table first, or you’ll be out of luck later.

Brad will primarily be at Intervention on Saturday Sept. 11th, so make your plans early and pick your route to his table asap.

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