Friday Guest Spotlight: Super Art Fight

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to get into a fight? Now imagine that, but you look around and the only weapon you can find is a sharpie marker. Well guess what, the Super Art Fight guys already did that and started their own competition of pit fighting to make this a reality.

Born out of the idea for a web comic, the Super Art Fight competition is the all out brawl to determine the most fierce artist of them all (with a title belt to prove it). They’ve done one on ones, 4 ways, tag teams, you name it. If you’re getting the hint that this is very much angled like professional wrestling (but without all the sweaty stuff) you’re right–but the added bit is it’s all real!

In a nutshell the artists are in placed in front of a large wall length paper at the front of the audience. They then each get a topic to start their work and then start drawing. At intervals down the event they get brand new topics that they then have to integrate into their ongoing art.

It wouldn’t be a fight though if it didn’t involve some underhanded double dealing between the artists. They can also “attack” the others ongoing artwork to twist it or impede it. All of this is followed closely by their experienced team of color commentators who can outline the action to the audience.

Ultimately the idea is the crowd determines (through applause) who most fulfilled the topics and came out with the best overall artwork.

It’s a spectacle for the geek generation. They’ll be bringing this action to Intervention live–and if we have our way it’ll also be live to the internet as well! So expect brutality aplenty, with an art appreciation class appended.

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