Pre-Registration price increase this week

The Pre-Registration price for Intervention will increase this week (at midnight on June 30th) from it’s current cost of $35 to it’s next level of $40. So you should purchase your registration now…or maybe you just like paying more :)


ComicPress Dev to Appear at Intervention, Host Workshops and Panels

Big announcement for webcomic artists, WordPress users, and web developers: we’ve just signed up the lead programming developer for ComicPress, Frumph, to appear at Intervention and host panels and hands-on workshops for CSS, WordPress, and ComicPress set up and tweaking.

Since 99% of all webcomics seem to be moving to ComicPress, and with a new version of the software being released soon, this is your opportunity to talk with and get one-on-one advice and tips directly from the developer about set up and upgrading. We will be announcing details on how you can register for the hands-on workshops in the next few days, along with the costs for these extra limited events. Frumph will also be on some open panels, so anyone can stop in and ask general questions as well.

We’re very happy to have the ability to directly connect comic creators to the people who can enable them to get their work online. This is at the core of our mission with Intervention and we hope to bring more of these type of events to the con this year and in the years to come.

UPDATED: We have a poll running in the forum for which type of workshops you’d most want to attend. Please vote if you are interested in these in order to help us with scheduling and setup.


Geeking Out About Talks Intervention

Yes, we are storming the gates with a herd of dragons just like (maybe) Manowar. Geeking Out About just posted a great article about the con.

If it sounds ambitious, that’s because it is. Myself, I’ve been on the convention circuit for going on eleven years and been a webcomicker for nine, and I’ve never seen anything like it. The level of interaction and the promise of a party atmosphere sounds at once awesome and daunting. But the vibe behind the pre-con hype and advertising is a positive one. If there’s stress behind the planning (and there is, because it’s a convention), it’s not pervasive or infectious. There’s a mix of levelheadedness and exuberance about it that’s unheard of for a first-year con. This can only end well — and I’m not saying that with my usual tinge of sarcasm.

Click here to read the whole post.


First Wave of Artist’s Alley / Vendor Approvals Have Been Sent

If you applied for a table in our artists/vendor’s room, you should check your email now. If you got in you have been sent a registration link so that you can buy your table. Everyone gets a reply. If you have not heard back from us, please check your spam filter and/or contact us so that we can get through the booking process and put you up on the site for all to see. :)

If you haven’t applied for a table yet, there is still a chance you can get in. We may also have more tables to release. APPLY NOW, not later.


Artist Alley Application Deadline Extended

We have extended the window of our Artist Alley applications until June 28, 2010. We were contacted by a large number of artists asking for the extension due to the many cons that have occurred over the last 2 weeks, and into this coming weekend.

While we are extending the deadline, we WILL be starting our review and confirmation process of the currently received applications. This means that it is still better for you to get your application in as soon as possible.

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