Artist Alley Applications Deadline Soon (June 18 2010)

Intervention’s Artist Alley applications deadline is coming up soon (June 18, 2010). Once midnight of that date passes we will start reviewing and sending out confirmations–so if you want to be on an equal footing for getting a space you’ll want to submit your application in the next day.


New Guests! Shortpacked! and Others.

We’ve got a few more guests we’ve confirmed for Intervention. First off we’ve added David Willis of Shortpacked!, a founding member of the Blank Label Comics collective. We’ve also got Mike Hall and Ryan Thompson of Darkstar Studios and Ben Kahan of Ansem Retort signed up to be at the con.

I’d love to be able to announce the other guests we have lined up, but I can’t yet (believe me though, they will be worth the wait). More details soon!


Intervention Pre-Reg Rate Extended (for a brief time)

Hi Guys,
June 15th was our original date for moving to the next level cost for Intervention pre-registrations costs (from $35 to $40), but we’ve been receiving such a great response that we’ve decided to keep the current cost to $35 for another 2 weeks. This is true for both the individual rate as well as the group rate.

This is it though, we can’t hold back the prices longer than that. So if you want the absolute lowest price to attend Intervention this year, this is your last chance to get in on it at $35.


Intervention at Wizard World Philadelphia June 12 2010

Hi Everyone,
Intervention will be at Wizard World Philly on June 12 2010 in conjunction with Philcon. Onezumi and I will be at the table to talk about the con as well as take pre-registration payments. So please stop by and chat or get your registration locked up at our lowest rate (soon to be going up from $35 to $40, so act now!)

We hope to see you there.


Now Hear This: Fans Get to Create Intervention Content

Panelists signups will be going out in the next 2 weeks. If you are interested in becoming a panelist, you will have the opportunity to sign up at that time.

I have a public announcement:

Are you a fan? Are you fabulously geeky? Do you have an awesome talent that should be shared with the world?

Well, Intervention‘s panel programming opens up in a few days. You might think that this kind of thing is for only guests of the con and staff to decide. While it is true that we are designing a large portion of the programming, we have something special planned.

You might recall that our biggest priority is to treat everyone with respect and to do what the scene wants. (We are fans too, after all.) Because of this, we are devoting a whole track to fan created panels. If you think that this con only applies to high-tech types, you would be wrong. We will have the best tech, art, and comics related panels out there, but we encapsulate even more than this. This fan-created track is the place where people of all persuasions can shine. If you use the internet to connect to your fandom in any way at all – you belong here.

Book authors? Yes. Steampunk enthusiasts? Yes? Fetishists? Yes. Firefly fans? Yes. Furries? Yes. Fanfic? Yes. The list goes on and on.

We are devoting this to you so that you have the opportunity to meet up with your friends and talk about the things that are relevant to your lives. This con is by fans for fans and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are setting the tone and executing the best programming imaginable with an art-centric spin and we are allowing fans to be in charge like never before with the process.

We are going to allow you to suggest parties, panels, workshops…whatever. If enough people want to come, we’ll put it on the schedule and rock it out.

For example, there are already parties for specific comics, books, subcultures, an LJ Meetup, and several other things that are in the works.

Stay tuned for details on how you can become a part of the action. It’s coming in the next couple of weeks and it will be freaking epic.

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