Special Bonus for ComicPress/WordPress Workshop Attendees

Frumph, the lead programming developer for ComicPress, who’s hosting our ComicPress/WordPress workshops, made a special announcement on some added value to people attending these workshops:

As a bonus to all workshop attendee’s, I will be providing information on how to receive the automated Cast addon to ComicPress child themes as a free download. The casts addon allows you to display your cast members in a totally new to ComicPress way, showing when they first appeared in the comic, how often they have been in the comic, all of the comics they were in with links and other statistics as well as individual biographical information! (I might even have time to include the relationship tree with that too ;) )

If you cannot attend the workshop I will be providing this child theme addon for ComicPress for around $29 (after) the con is over. The addon will be offered as a one time purchase with unlimited upgrades or free for attending any workshops.

Wow, considering that the Basic Workshop only costs $25, you’ve actually saved $4 and received professional help for your site directly from the software developer himself.

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