Guest Spotlight: Kara Dennison (In Her Own Words)

To help you guys get a feeling for what you’re in for when you come to Intervention, we’ve asked some of our guests to provide some answers to a short interview. Kara Dennison, the artist and creator of the comics at ConScrew.com, has provided her answers in audio form.

These are the questions:

To keep things straight here, what is your name and what is the name of your comic?

What do you like people to actually call you when they meet you?

Besides slaving away and drawing/writing for our enjoyment, what do you like to do for fun? (you know when you’re not working at all on the comic?)

Do you read any other author’s comics online? In print? Which ones are regular reads for you? If not any, then what DO you waste time on online?

Do you do anything not online? You know, like…outside?

Who’s your daddy?

There are a lot of reasons why people start their own project, but what has kept you going?

What’s one of your favorite parts about being a webcomic author?

When are you putting me in your webcomic? No, kidding, kidding.

Do you listen to music or watch tv while you’re working? What sort and if it’s something else, what do you prefer? Or is there something you just can’t get around (say, if you have the soothing sounds of 6 rampaging children playing behind you in the same room)?

Tell us about the worst job you’ve had to do to get by in the past. (does it make you grateful for doing what you do now?)

When you’re in an interview or a panel, what makes you cringe? Is there any question that you dread hearing or is there something that you hope doesn’t come up?

What do you WISH someone would bring up or ask you on panels or an interview that just never comes up?

Actually, no really, when are you putting me in your webcomic?

For posterity, what’s your favorite beverage?

Will you buy ME a drink?

and here’s her answers:

Kara Dennison’s Interview

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