New Guests of the Savage and Geek Varieties

Intervention is very happy to announce some new guests: David Reddick of Legend of Bill and Hawk of AppleGeeks and Hawk Studios.

In addition we’ve added new guests from the published authors sphere: Anthony Stevens and Jean Marie Ward, as well as political/cultural cartoonist Greg Uchrin (of the sites Intravenous Caffeine and Hail Dubyus )

This isn’t the end of the new guest announcements though, we have a few more to announce soon. The next issue is fitting all of these guys into the space at the hotel we have available–anyone have a crowbar we can borrow?


More Promotional Images

We have some more promotional images of various sizes here!


Panel/Event Wiki

Intervention panels and events are now being developed and we want your help. We have a wiki set up that has a growing list of events and panels–but we want to know what you, attendees to the con, want in terms of meetups, gatherings, or other events. So we want you to stop by our wiki and add your ideas to the Attendee Panels/Events page. You don’t need a login, all you need to do is follow the format outlined on the main page of the wiki.

This is your opportunity to reserve some room space on our event schedule for your group. If you have a Live Journal group, a gaming guild, fans of a certain comic, or whatever, you can bring your members to Intervention and have a dedicated space to hold your event.

Not all suggestions will make it to the final schedule–but if you have enough people and can get a decent number to pre-register for the con–we can get you the space and time for your event. (as a side note, remember we do offer group rates)


A Thank You To Enablers

The response we’ve received for our Enabler program has been incredible so far. Approximately 1/3 of you guys have gone out of your way to help out the event this year by buying optional extra levels of support in addition to your registration for the event. Of course, “Express Registration” ( meaning you get your con badge before the event) is a very helpful addon for buying any Enabler level, but from your feedback it’s not the only reason for your actions–especially when you get to the much higher level Enabler purchases.

We’d like to say a very sincere thank you to 2 of our recent Enablers: Frank “Grayhawk” Huminski and Illya Kuryakin. Not only did they help us out with an Enabler purchase, but they went even further by buying up to the $100+ levels. As a first year event this level of support really makes a difference, and we are even more dedicated to making the event a success with help like this.

The whole Intervention team thanks you for your support!


Special Bonus for ComicPress/WordPress Workshop Attendees

Frumph, the lead programming developer for ComicPress, who’s hosting our ComicPress/WordPress workshops, made a special announcement on some added value to people attending these workshops:

As a bonus to all workshop attendee’s, I will be providing information on how to receive the automated Cast addon to ComicPress child themes as a free download. The casts addon allows you to display your cast members in a totally new to ComicPress way, showing when they first appeared in the comic, how often they have been in the comic, all of the comics they were in with links and other statistics as well as individual biographical information! (I might even have time to include the relationship tree with that too ;) )

If you cannot attend the workshop I will be providing this child theme addon for ComicPress for around $29 (after) the con is over. The addon will be offered as a one time purchase with unlimited upgrades or free for attending any workshops.

Wow, considering that the Basic Workshop only costs $25, you’ve actually saved $4 and received professional help for your site directly from the software developer himself.

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