No Shortage of Burlesque Girls at Intervention this Year

We are hard at work here in the Intervention HQ. I am just going to write up a little bit of what is in store.

Artist’s Alley approvals have gone out. We have had a tremendous response. We are trying to add more tables. If you apply now you will be on the waiting list. We are trying out best to fit everyone in. The response has been so much higher than anyone ever expected. This is awesome! :)

Panel applications open up this week. If you want to talk about ot showcase something at Intervention, this will be your chance!

Wow, we will have a lot of burlesque themed events at the con!

– We just announced that Molly Crabapple will bring Dr. Sketchy’s to Intervention.

– Our two goth/industrial/geek dances will have burlesque and freaky awesome gogo dancers to get the dance floor rolling. Stay tuned for how you can apply to be a dancer. (Boys and Girls are both accepted. We are all about equality!)

Panel applications include fan meet ups. We are allowing attendees to help us make the con the best it can be. If you need a meeting space for your fandom group, you will want to apply for it as soon as panel application are up. Some ideas we have heard so far are: Burlesque Meet Up, Cosplayer Meetup, Livejournal Meet Up, and Steampunk Meetup.

This is your chance to shine! Either Harknell or I will post here when panels are up. Watch this space and/or subscribe to the RSS!


ComicPress/WordPress Workshops now available for registration

Intervention’s first round of ComicPress/WordPress workshops are now up on our registration site for reservation. These workshops provide hands-on assistance and training by Frumph, the lead programming developer of ComicPress for WordPress. They are limited in size to 20 people per session, and have a 2 hour time duration.

How often do you have the ability to have the actual developer of the software you use show you in person how to maximize its set up for your best result? Especially software as popular and far ranging as ComicPress? These workshops will allow you to get your first site up and running, tweak an existing site to look different from the crowd, or provide assistance in upgrading your site or in adding advanced features.

These workshops allow you to work directly with Frumph, which is something that regular panels can’t provide. Frumph will also be appearing on some open panels to answer general programming or ComicPress questions, but you can only get hands-on help from him by attending one of these workshops.


Guest/Event Announcement: Molly Crabapple and Dr. Sketchy’s at Intervention

Intervention is happy to announce that artist and webcomic creator Molly Crabapple, the founder of the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, will be at our event this year–both on a panel as well as running a Dr. Sketchy’s event at the con (Currently scheduled to take place Friday Sept.10 from 7-10pm).

All of Molly’s appearances, including the Dr. Sketchy’s event, will be free for all Intervention attendees–however, if you are an artist you may want to register (for free) for a special “Artist Space” at the Dr. Sketchy’s event. This registration reserves a seated spot for you nearer the front of the event so you can get a clear view of the model and show. All non-registered attendees will be in the standing room only area at the back of the event.

There are a limited number of Artist Spaces available, and they are first come first serve–but they are only available for signup if you are a registered attendee for Intervention. So now is the best time for you to register for Intervention as well as snag your space at this event. (if you’ve already bought your registration you can simply go back to the registration site and “purchase” this event separately–we’ll link it to your registration).


Friday Guest Spotlight: Allison Sarnoff of The Knit Princess

Cast off, cast on, cast off, cast on! What? It’s Karate Kid with knitting! (and an arm cast)

If you get that joke at all, then you already read The Knit Princess, and if you don’t, get your needles, merino wool and start reading. The Knit Princess is a web comic written by, for, and about, but not exclusively to, knitters. Meet writer Allison Sarnoff, the knit master, herself.  The comic, although originally geared toward yarn addicts, is clever, witty and a fun read for anyone. Together with artist Melody Moore, she publishes humor and knit tips three times a week and they’re only getting more popular.

Allison makes regular appearances at comic conventions, knitting conventions and festivals, and The Knit Princess has gotten attention and write-ups in both online and printed knit magazines. When you find her at Intervention, she’ll have her size 8 needles, lots of knitting advice and a pen when you ask for her autograph. And you know you want one. Or a new sweater.


Enabler Exclusive T Shirt

Why should you donate and become an Intervention Enabler? Besides the fact that you’ll be supporting great fan and creator-centric programming, you’ll also get some perks depending on which enabler level you purchase.

Enabler Levels 4 and above will receive this exclusive T Shirt. Each shirt will be professionally silk screened just for you in your size. This isn’t sold anywhere else. It’s only being produced for 2010 Enablers. This is just one way that we can show you how much we appreciate you, your thoughts, your participation, and your contributions to our event that we love so much! :)

Click here to become an Enabler!

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