Otaku Generation Talks Intervention

A new interview with Onezumi and Harknell about Intervention is up here at Otaku Generation!

We talk about what the con is, why we love it, and even mention some of our sponsors like Think Geek!

TG is also providing our staff with Caffeinated Stay Puft Marshmallows! We are very grateful that they thought of us! :D


Darkstar Studios Special Offer for Intervention Registrants

The guys at Darkstar Studios, one of our guests, have just posted a super offer for all last minute Intervention registrants:

…in all seriousness this con is looking to be one banging weekend, but the pre-reg closes up tomorrow and we would love to see you guys there. So as a little added incentive to our fans…If you sign up for Intervention between now and 7am Sept 1st, then we will give you some free* swag when you come by our table at the con! So not only are you saving $5 bucks by registering early, but you are getting something for free* as well! It won’t be a t-shirt or anything like that, but a little free* something something from us to you as a thanks for coming by and seeing us at the con. You only have to do one small thing to obtain this free* item…

The full info is here at their site in this post.

We want to thank them for this great offer to our attendees. Just another great reason to get your registration squared away today–tomorrow and up to the event it’s at door pricing, so register now and save $5 and get some free stuff!


Going down! With Super Art Fight

Intervention: To keep things straight here, what are your names and what is the name of your project?


Ross: Rosscott Nover, Super Art Fight.

Nick: My name is Nick and I run the Yellow Lion of Super Art Fight.

Marty: I’m Marty Day, and I talk way too much during Super Art Fight.

Intervention: What do you like people to actually call you when they meet you?

Ross: Ross. Or “why are you looking at me like that”.

Jamie: Fiendish Doctor Wu whose knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for KUNG FU TREACHERY!

Nick: Something other than Adam Savage.

Marty: Call me whatever you like,  just don’t call me late for dinner.

Intervention: Oops, sorry. Just had dinner. And it was rockin’.

Intervention: Give me a 3 sentence description of what you guys are doing.

Nick: Currently, I am sitting comfortably. My wrist turns to the right so the dial may go up to 11 and my head begins to bang. Oh did you mean Super Art Fight?

Jamie: The eye rocking with tasty arts thing, that’s what we do.

Marty: But that’s only one sentence…

Ross: SUPER ART FIGHT. It’s like Win, Lose or Draw meets Pro Wrestling.

Marty: “…And it’s awesome!” Boom! Three sentences!

Intervention: What you do really looks like an absolute blast to do. So if I ask what you do for fun, the answer might be work, of course!  Therefore; what else do you do for fun?

Ross: Sleep.

Jamie: Eat and stuff.

Nick: I like to get a couple of cocktails in me. Start a fire in someone’s kitchen.

Marty: I tend to run an underground cockfighting ring. Pays the bills, keeps the kids in school.

Intervention: I think Nick and I are going to get along just fine.

Intervention: Tell me, what sort of shenanigans do you get up to online? What do you do on the internet for fun?

Nick: Make comics! ohperilousworld.com

Marty: Write blogs! blast-o-rama.com

Jamie: http://ypcomic.com/

Ross: Comics, comics, comics! http://www.systemcomic.com/

Intervention: Who’s your daddy?

Nick & Jamie: And what does he do?

Intervention: There are a lot of reasons why people start their own project, but what keeps you going?

Nick: Comics and drawing saved my life. If I do not devote myself to it, I may not save others.

Jamie: It just feels like this is what we were always meant to do.

Ross: Seeing how much people love it. Every show seems to have better and better fans, and more and more we see familiar faces coming back for more.

Marty: I one day hope to own a gold tank. This seemed to be the most obvious way to raise the funds.

Intervention: I just want lots of gold. Goooold… It’s why I’m working the con circuit.

Intervention: What do you like the most about what you’re doing?

Nick: I get to draw monsters :)

Jamie: Drawing completely insane things with my friends.

Ross: The fame. Constant attention from screaming girls. Amazing green rooms. Golden tour busses, and a mansion on the moon.

Marty: I’ve always wanted to try standup or improv, and this is the closest I can get. No two shows are the same, and the chance to go out there without a net and just ride the ebbs and flows with an audience…there’s no rush quite like it.

Intervention: When do I get to host?

Jamie: Have to ask Ross and Marty.

Marty: …Ross?

Ross: I’m going to have to talk to my lawyer.

Intervention: Do you listen to music or watch TV while you’re planning your next program? What sort and what do you prefer?

Nick: Metal, METAL, METAL!

Jamie: Music, especially Peelander-Z.

Ross: I probably shouldn’t talk about it, it’s not appropriate for the kiddies.

Marty: I watch a near constant stream of DVDs and blu-rays, but if we’re talking TV, I have a crack-like Mad Men habit.

Intervention: Tell me about the worst job you’ve had. (Does it make you grateful for doing what you do now?)

Marty: I worked in IT for a call center for two years. Essentially, I was helping people bug you. I sorta hated myself every day.

Ross: I bussed tables for a summer, that wasn’t fun. But the real joy was having to take trash out to the overflowing dumpster. I suffered for my art.

Nick: Dishwasher.  And yes IT SUCKED. There is no dream fulfillment in washing meaty dishes.

Jamie: Creating e-learning lessons for the military.  It just wasn’t me.  I’m closer to what I want to be doing for a living now, but I’m not quite there just yet.  Slow and steady gets the cheese, I guess.

Intervention: Oh, man. I get you there Nick and Ross. I was in the service industry far too long and meaty dishes weren’t the worst part of being there some days.

Intervention: When you’re in an interview or a panel, what makes you cringe? Is there any question that you dread hearing, or is there something that you hope doesn’t come up? (Because, you know, I would never ask you that.)

Marty: “So, what happened with MC Chris…?”

Jamie: There is no question that I fear!  Fear is the mind killer!

Nick: “Do you know you look like Adam Savage from Mythbusters?”

Ross: What makes me cringe is that one guy that always thinks the panel is a conversation between you and him. Sometimes it’s a girl, but sometimes she’s cute so I don’t mind.

Intervention: What do you WISH someone would bring up or ask you on panels or during an interview that just never comes up?

Ross: I like being challenged. The tough questions about why we chose to do something a certain way, the behind the scenes stuff, that sort of thing.

Nick: “Would you like to work with Guillermo Del Toro? Well guess what! HE’S HERE, LET’S BRING HIM OUT!”

Jamie: “Can I give you lots of Kamen Rider toys?”  I totally wish someone would ask me that.

Marty: I’m with Ross – no one seems to really want the behind the scenes breakdown, but I guess that means we get to keep a little bit of magic.

Intervention: Actually, no really, when am I hosting?

Ross: Yeah, no.

Jamie: I believe it states in our bylaws that any new host must first defeat all 27 of Ross’s and Marty’s evil exes.

Marty: That number isn’t exactly split evenly, for what it’s worth.

Intervention: Huh. Okay, well, does it help that I both work in broadcasting and that I train taekwondo and kickboxing when I’m not on injured reserve? I can do it! Okay, maybe not the 27. I’d have to stop at 15. Okay 1, then I’d want a beer.

Intervention: For posterity, what’s your favorite beverage?

Marty: Sprecher’s Cream Soda. It’s the nectar of the Gods.

Jamie: Root beer.

Ross: Coffee.

Nick: Will it get me &#$@!% up? OK, let’s go!

Intervention: Will you buy ME a drink (s)?

Marty: Isn’t Oni paying you guys?

Ross: Do you like water from the tap? It’s good for you.

Intervention: Hey, I’m doing this all just for the fame and notoriety. And Ross, you could at least throw a filter between the water and me!

If haven’t gotten a chance to see them before Intervention, take a peek online http://www.superartfight.com/ then you should make sure you check out their show, so sign up, because I think it’s going to fill up very quickly!

Thanks guys, for taking the time to answer my serious journalistic questions, and then a few silly ones. Okay, a lot of silly ones. But then, I’m rather silly, I suppose.

I look forward to going on a caffeine jag, then a drinking bender, and recovering with the hopefully then-filtered water. Marty can make sure my blood sugar level goes back up.


Programming and Schedule are Up!


Woo hoo! It’s a little less than 2 weeks until Intervention 2010! The programming and schedule are now up! The con book it at the printers, and we are preparing to mail badges to our enablers. If you want your badge mailed to you, you have until tomorrow (Wed, Sep 1) to become an Enabler!

CLICK HERE to Access the Programming Chart, Workshops, and Panel Descriptions!


New Merch Available: Orly?

We have new Intervention merchandise available in our store: Intervention Angry Owl Plush.

The Intervention spirit of determination embodied in a 5 inch tall plush doll is $8 and can be picked up at the con for free, or sent out later for a small additional cost.

These guys are all hand made and will be in limited supply, so order yours now.

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