Event Sponsors: Toy Vault and Mana Energy Potions

Our first two sponsors are:

Toy Vault


Need some Monty Python, Cthulhu, Farscape, Trigun, or Godzilla stuff? Toy Vault is one of the best vendors of geek toys. Intervention was founded by a Lovecraftian Webcomic, so it is only appropriate that plush Cthulhu toys will be invading Intervention 2010! Keep your eyes peeled for details about how you can get one at the con!

“This absolutely adorable Cthulhu Plush is one of the first speciality plush items from Toy Vault. He stands 12-inches tall, is made of beautiful green fabric, and is filled with plush and beanies. He’s fun to hug and show your friends, and would love to guard your bed! Let him… or else!”

Click here to shop with Toy Vault.

Mana Energy Potions

Harcos Laboratories makes Mana Energy Potion, Health Energy Potion, and Zombie Blood. These are super-caffeinated beverages that will power you through even the longest gaming sessions!

“With 160mg of caffeine and a good dose of vitamins, Each 50mL Mana Potion will add +160 to your MP and keep you going through epic battles.5-8 hours of smooth energy with a citrus taste and a 24-hour cool-down.”

Click here to shop Mana Energy Potions.

These companies are the ones who listened to what we were trying to do and stood up to support it in our first, most difficult year. They are true supporters of the scene. Remember that the next time you are shopping.

More sponsors will be announced very soon! If you would like to be added to the list of sponsors, click here to access our sponsorship page.

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