Going down! With Super Art Fight

Intervention: To keep things straight here, what are your names and what is the name of your project?


Ross: Rosscott Nover, Super Art Fight.

Nick: My name is Nick and I run the Yellow Lion of Super Art Fight.

Marty: I’m Marty Day, and I talk way too much during Super Art Fight.

Intervention: What do you like people to actually call you when they meet you?

Ross: Ross. Or “why are you looking at me like that”.

Jamie: Fiendish Doctor Wu whose knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for KUNG FU TREACHERY!

Nick: Something other than Adam Savage.

Marty: Call me whatever you like,  just don’t call me late for dinner.

Intervention: Oops, sorry. Just had dinner. And it was rockin’.

Intervention: Give me a 3 sentence description of what you guys are doing.

Nick: Currently, I am sitting comfortably. My wrist turns to the right so the dial may go up to 11 and my head begins to bang. Oh did you mean Super Art Fight?

Jamie: The eye rocking with tasty arts thing, that’s what we do.

Marty: But that’s only one sentence…

Ross: SUPER ART FIGHT. It’s like Win, Lose or Draw meets Pro Wrestling.

Marty: “…And it’s awesome!” Boom! Three sentences!

Intervention: What you do really looks like an absolute blast to do. So if I ask what you do for fun, the answer might be work, of course!  Therefore; what else do you do for fun?

Ross: Sleep.

Jamie: Eat and stuff.

Nick: I like to get a couple of cocktails in me. Start a fire in someone’s kitchen.

Marty: I tend to run an underground cockfighting ring. Pays the bills, keeps the kids in school.

Intervention: I think Nick and I are going to get along just fine.

Intervention: Tell me, what sort of shenanigans do you get up to online? What do you do on the internet for fun?

Nick: Make comics! ohperilousworld.com

Marty: Write blogs! blast-o-rama.com

Jamie: http://ypcomic.com/

Ross: Comics, comics, comics! http://www.systemcomic.com/

Intervention: Who’s your daddy?

Nick & Jamie: And what does he do?

Intervention: There are a lot of reasons why people start their own project, but what keeps you going?

Nick: Comics and drawing saved my life. If I do not devote myself to it, I may not save others.

Jamie: It just feels like this is what we were always meant to do.

Ross: Seeing how much people love it. Every show seems to have better and better fans, and more and more we see familiar faces coming back for more.

Marty: I one day hope to own a gold tank. This seemed to be the most obvious way to raise the funds.

Intervention: I just want lots of gold. Goooold… It’s why I’m working the con circuit.

Intervention: What do you like the most about what you’re doing?

Nick: I get to draw monsters :)

Jamie: Drawing completely insane things with my friends.

Ross: The fame. Constant attention from screaming girls. Amazing green rooms. Golden tour busses, and a mansion on the moon.

Marty: I’ve always wanted to try standup or improv, and this is the closest I can get. No two shows are the same, and the chance to go out there without a net and just ride the ebbs and flows with an audience…there’s no rush quite like it.

Intervention: When do I get to host?

Jamie: Have to ask Ross and Marty.

Marty: …Ross?

Ross: I’m going to have to talk to my lawyer.

Intervention: Do you listen to music or watch TV while you’re planning your next program? What sort and what do you prefer?

Nick: Metal, METAL, METAL!

Jamie: Music, especially Peelander-Z.

Ross: I probably shouldn’t talk about it, it’s not appropriate for the kiddies.

Marty: I watch a near constant stream of DVDs and blu-rays, but if we’re talking TV, I have a crack-like Mad Men habit.

Intervention: Tell me about the worst job you’ve had. (Does it make you grateful for doing what you do now?)

Marty: I worked in IT for a call center for two years. Essentially, I was helping people bug you. I sorta hated myself every day.

Ross: I bussed tables for a summer, that wasn’t fun. But the real joy was having to take trash out to the overflowing dumpster. I suffered for my art.

Nick: Dishwasher.  And yes IT SUCKED. There is no dream fulfillment in washing meaty dishes.

Jamie: Creating e-learning lessons for the military.  It just wasn’t me.  I’m closer to what I want to be doing for a living now, but I’m not quite there just yet.  Slow and steady gets the cheese, I guess.

Intervention: Oh, man. I get you there Nick and Ross. I was in the service industry far too long and meaty dishes weren’t the worst part of being there some days.

Intervention: When you’re in an interview or a panel, what makes you cringe? Is there any question that you dread hearing, or is there something that you hope doesn’t come up? (Because, you know, I would never ask you that.)

Marty: “So, what happened with MC Chris…?”

Jamie: There is no question that I fear!  Fear is the mind killer!

Nick: “Do you know you look like Adam Savage from Mythbusters?”

Ross: What makes me cringe is that one guy that always thinks the panel is a conversation between you and him. Sometimes it’s a girl, but sometimes she’s cute so I don’t mind.

Intervention: What do you WISH someone would bring up or ask you on panels or during an interview that just never comes up?

Ross: I like being challenged. The tough questions about why we chose to do something a certain way, the behind the scenes stuff, that sort of thing.

Nick: “Would you like to work with Guillermo Del Toro? Well guess what! HE’S HERE, LET’S BRING HIM OUT!”

Jamie: “Can I give you lots of Kamen Rider toys?”  I totally wish someone would ask me that.

Marty: I’m with Ross – no one seems to really want the behind the scenes breakdown, but I guess that means we get to keep a little bit of magic.

Intervention: Actually, no really, when am I hosting?

Ross: Yeah, no.

Jamie: I believe it states in our bylaws that any new host must first defeat all 27 of Ross’s and Marty’s evil exes.

Marty: That number isn’t exactly split evenly, for what it’s worth.

Intervention: Huh. Okay, well, does it help that I both work in broadcasting and that I train taekwondo and kickboxing when I’m not on injured reserve? I can do it! Okay, maybe not the 27. I’d have to stop at 15. Okay 1, then I’d want a beer.

Intervention: For posterity, what’s your favorite beverage?

Marty: Sprecher’s Cream Soda. It’s the nectar of the Gods.

Jamie: Root beer.

Ross: Coffee.

Nick: Will it get me &#$@!% up? OK, let’s go!

Intervention: Will you buy ME a drink (s)?

Marty: Isn’t Oni paying you guys?

Ross: Do you like water from the tap? It’s good for you.

Intervention: Hey, I’m doing this all just for the fame and notoriety. And Ross, you could at least throw a filter between the water and me!

If haven’t gotten a chance to see them before Intervention, take a peek online http://www.superartfight.com/ then you should make sure you check out their show, so sign up, because I think it’s going to fill up very quickly!

Thanks guys, for taking the time to answer my serious journalistic questions, and then a few silly ones. Okay, a lot of silly ones. But then, I’m rather silly, I suppose.

I look forward to going on a caffeine jag, then a drinking bender, and recovering with the hopefully then-filtered water. Marty can make sure my blood sugar level goes back up.

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