Darkstar Studios Special Offer for Intervention Registrants

The guys at Darkstar Studios, one of our guests, have just posted a super offer for all last minute Intervention registrants:

…in all seriousness this con is looking to be one banging weekend, but the pre-reg closes up tomorrow and we would love to see you guys there. So as a little added incentive to our fans…If you sign up for Intervention between now and 7am Sept 1st, then we will give you some free* swag when you come by our table at the con! So not only are you saving $5 bucks by registering early, but you are getting something for free* as well! It won’t be a t-shirt or anything like that, but a little free* something something from us to you as a thanks for coming by and seeing us at the con. You only have to do one small thing to obtain this free* item…

The full info is here at their site in this post.

We want to thank them for this great offer to our attendees. Just another great reason to get your registration squared away today–tomorrow and up to the event it’s at door pricing, so register now and save $5 and get some free stuff!

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