ComicPress Workshop and Dr. Sketchy’s Spaces

We still have a few spaces left in our ComicPress workshops, and some space left for artists at the Dr. Sketchy’s event.

Once they fill up though they’re gone. If you want to reserve a space in either of these areas you’ll want to register it, and your attendance to the event. We will be taking registrations for both areas at the door, but that’s first come, first serve.


Hotel Registration Reprieve, Now Extended To Sept. 1st

Hi Everyone, we’ve been able to do one last extension of our deadlines to allow for con block room reservations up until September 1st. So for all of you last minute people, get to reserving your room now! And of course also make sure to register for the con as well.


Most Important Question Right Now: Team Piro or Team Hawk?

Intervention demands that everyone reading this site must chime in on the burning question of the moment: Team Piro or Team Hawk?


Intervention on Man vs. Art

Click over to Man vs. Art to see and hear some coverage of Intervention and an interview with Onezumi and Harknell.

How cool is that? We had so much fun with this one. We could have talked about comics and stuff for hours. We go off on a few amusing rants about popular story lines in comics that we used to read, the creative industry, and of course, the how and why of Intervention! This one comes highly recommended!


4Imprint Joins the Elite Ranks of Intervention Sponsors!

I am so pleased to announce that 4Imprint has signed on to sponsor Intervention! I personally have used them to produce my merchandise for my own comic for years. My sports bottles and coffee mugs are two examples of products that came from 4Imprint.

These kind folks are doing Bronze Sponsorship. What does that mean to you? It means awesome! Here is why:

That thar art proof? That’s our owl on a lanyard. Everyone going to the con will be getting custom made Intervention Owl lanyards courtesy of 4 Imprint! There also will be a coupon code in our con book for a really great discount for when you order from 4Imprint!

You guys know how we put this event together with our own bare hands – remember 4Imprint when you choose a vendor for imprintables. These guys believed in us FROM YEAR ONE and stepped up when it counted.

Thank you Kevin and thank you Big O for being so awesome with this!

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