Intervention Mentioned in ShrinkGeek and Wired Magazine

There is a rather awesome interview about Intervention with con Founder Onezumi up on ShrinkGeek. CEO-flavored insanity: An interview with Onezumi

Also, Wired Magazine name-checked Intervention in their piece about the Duel in the Somme launch that coincides with our event!


New Intervention Merchandise: Posters

We’ve added some new Intervention merchandise to our store. They are 13 X 19 posters in the following styles:

War At Innsmouth

Black And White Owl Logo

Watercolor Owl Logo

Angry Owl

Order them now and pick them up at the con–or have them shipped out later.


Live Podcast tonight

The Intervention founders will be appearing live on Light Box Podcast tonight at 8PM EST!

Go to http://www.talkshoe.com and search for Light Box podcast.


Important Upcoming Dates: Pre-Reg and Hotel Block

We wanted to point out some very important upcoming dates for Intervention:

1) Our Hotel Con Block Rate ends on August 25th. If you haven’t reserved your room at our hotel yet you should do that now or miss out.

2) Our Pre-Registration rate will be going up on August 31st. It’s currently $40 and will increase to $45 at door. If you want to save some cash you should register for the con right now.


Intervention iPhone/iPod/iPad App Now Available

The official Intervention app is now available in the Apple iTunes store. The app is designed to make it easier for mobile users to quickly get info about the con–including up to date news, info on the area and hotel, info on our guests, and info on our programming.

It will also display the current running movie and song in out video and dance rooms.

It’s free so go grab it now. (oh, as a side note, it’s based on our Chaos Central app for our webcomic Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos and part of our free app service for webcomics.)

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