EFF Charity Results

We wanted to let everyone know the results of our charity auction this year. Many of our guests supplied items or sketches for our silent auction. This year’s auction was small, but it generated over $500 for our chosen auction: The Electronic Frontier Foundation. All items that need to be shipped to charity donators will be sent out this week.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to the auction, as well as all of our guests who were able to provide some great items. We’d like to additionally thank Bethesda Software for their contribution of a signed game of the year edition of Fallout 3.


First Group of Panels online soon, Other details of upcoming content

One of our goals this year was to tape as much of our panel content as possible for later viewing online. We’re still going through a huge volume of this data, but we’re finishing up a few to post online this weekend.

We’ll be archiving many of the pages for this years event soon as well. In addition I will be starting a series of posts called “Con Solutions” which will document some of the issues we encountered this year, and how we worked to solve them.

And of course, we’ll soon have details on our date for next year, as well as any guest announcements or other stuff related to the 2011 event.


Fun Music Interlude: Intervention Song By Blue

Hi Everyone! We’re still decompressing after the con, and getting all of the data set so we can post movies, photos, and other crazy stuff about the con.

While that’s in progress I wanted to post other things related to the con–like the Intervention song by one of our guests this year Blue.

She makes music about webcomics and other related things–and after the con she went home and created a song about Intervention!

I was very happy that I was able to actually attend her concert at Intervention (which, if anyone out there knows con staffing, especially con chairing, you know it’s rare to be able to actually see an event) and was blown away by her creativity and energy. Her new album is coming out soon–and I strongly suggest you go to her site and find out about it and get it when it’s available.

And yes, if at all possible we’d love to have her back at Intervention next year if she can make it.


Having a Squishable Time at Intervention!

Squishable was one of our sponsors for Intervention 2010. They were given away randomly as door prizes or via unexpected Squishable attacks to attendees. Check this out!

A pair of Reindeer:

A T-Rex:

We are still working on the videos and photos! Also we are meeting about the dates for the 2011 Intervention.


Intervention Pix!

Barb and Kara had an awesome cosplay! :D

While you are waiting for the videos to be processed, check out some of the photos that are being posted on our Fan Page!

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