Intervention Panel Video: Digital Versus Traditional Art

The following panel occurred at Intervention 2010 and was entitled “Digital Vs. Traditional: The Pros And Cons Of Each”

Description: Some artists love digital. Some artists love pen and ink. Digital art gives you more flexibility, but traditional gives you the ability to sell originals at conventions. Come and listen to a FRIENDLY discussion about the pros and cons of each.

Panelists: Chris Flick, Ben McCormick, Ryan Thompson, Danny Valentini

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  1. […] So you may be wondering why I threw Interventioncon up there since it’s already over.  Well I never made a post about it after the con and I didn’t want to head to another convention without talking about how cool the one before it was. So if you didn’t make it to Intervention this year, then you should plan to go next year as it was a great time to be had by all. The panels were by far some of the best ones I have had so far in all my con going years. The questions from the con goers were very in depth questions and some we discussed at such great length, that we lost track of time. All the other guests were awesome and for lack of time and space, I will have to list all our shout outs in a future post, but needless to say we made some awesome new friends as well as getting the honor to hang out once again with our old ones. Harknell and Onezumi really did a bang up job with their first convention and really knew how to show us and the attendees a damn good time.  So head over to the website and sign up for next year as i’m sure part deux will not disappoint.  Also, currently one of the panels that our very own Ryan Thompson and our good buddy Danny Valentini is online for your viewing pleasure and can be found here. […]

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