New Panel Video Up-> Revenue Streams: How to Make Ten-Tenths of a Living

The next panel video recording from Intervention 2010 is now available for viewing: Revenue Streams: How to Make Ten-Tenths of a Living.

Panel description: Books, merchandise, subscriptions, donations, advertising, spinoff comics, mobile apps, paid downloads, character licensing, games, animated series, movie options, speaking fees, selling original art, springboarding your other projects and services! It might be that none of these can make you a living on your webcomic, but combining many or most into one business model could.

Panelists: Rob Balder, Eric Kimball, Bill Holbrook, Darren Gendron


Intervention ‘II 2011 Date and Location

Intervention ‘II will be held on the weekend of September 16-18 2011 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville (same location as 2010).

We will be posting information on registration in the next 2 weeks, which will come with a unique twist. We will also be giving info on the Vendors Room and Guests as well.


Intervention ‘II Date and Location Announcement This Friday October 15th

Intervention ‘II will be announcing our 2011 date and location on October 15th 2010.

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