Intervention Panel: Creative Marketing 101

The Next Intervention 2010 Panel video is for the panel: Creative Marketing 101

Description: You may have a great idea, but if no one sees it, it’s about as useful as a lead balloon. Let our panelists show you how to figure out who your target market is, plan your method of attack, and generate measurable results with your promotional campaign for your creative work.

Panelists: John Lotshaw, T Campbell, Bill Holbrook


Intervention Panel: Adobe Photoshop Demo For Comics

Our Next Intervention 2010 Panel video is for the panel: Adobe Photoshop Panel For Comics

Description: Want to know more about what Photoshop can help you do? Then this panel sounds like what the doctor ordered. From scanning to flats to rendering, our panelists will help you navigate the vagaries of the Photoshop jungle. Various methods and styles will be discussed as well as some basic lighting and color theory.

Panelists: Ben Kahan, Mike Hall, Chris Impink, Garth Graham


Intervention 2011 Registration and Hotel booking Now Open

Intervention is happy to announce that registration is now open for the 2011 event, with a very special “Early Owl” rate of $30 for the full weekend. In addition, our hotel booking page is also now live, and can get you in at our con special rate of $109 dollars a night.

You can also add an Enabler level (details on the registration page) to your registration. Enabler levels get you extra stuff (like no-wait badge pick up), and will also get you into our special guests meet-n-greet gathering to be held at the event this year.

We also are signing up ComicPress/WordPress/web development workshops to be held at the event. These are small group classes done with a ComicPress/WordPress developer to help you set up or upgrade your website. We will have multiple instances of each class run over the weekend, so you’ll easily be able to pick a time that works for you. We will be adding new workshops over time, which you can always come back and add to your registration.

We will have plenty of news over the next few weeks on all of the new guests and programming we’re adding this year (live bands, more video, video gaming, etc.), so check back often, or add our RSS feed or twitter to your reader.


Intervention is at Arisia next weekend! Jan 14-17!

Con founders Harknell and Onezumi will be panelists at Arisia in Boston on Jan 14-17! If you are in the area here is what you need to know:

– There will be an Intervention party on Saturday night! Come visit us for owl-shaped treats and other fun stuff! The room number will be available at the Intervention table where we will also be taking registration and partaking in general Lulz!

– We will have stuffed owls for sale!

Panel schedule for Onezumi:

– Sat 5:00 PM Comics: Not How You Start, But How You Finish! – Douglas – So you’ve got the idea for the epic that will amaze the world: How do you turn it into more than that? Building a body of work in comics takes time, whether you’re creating a webcomic, minicomic, or graphic novel. Learn what it takes to not only bring your vision to life, but keep at it long enough to finish it.

– Sat 6:30 PM Paths for a Professional Artist – Galleria – The are as many different ways to “be an artist” as there are to “be a writer” or “be a cook” but, as a beginning artist, it’s difficult to make sense of it all. Our panelist highlight the many ways and venues you can showcase your talent and find out what works for you in the process.

– Sun 9:30 AM Time Management for Creative People – Galleria – Some people find it easy to get things done, while some people have ideas but don’t know how to make them happen. People who’ve learned to bridge the gap, particularly in creative pursuits, give their tips for making the daily grind mesh with bringing new things to life.


Intervention Panel Video: Get Off My Lawn

Our next Intervention 2010 panel video is for the panel: Get Off My Lawn!

Description: “How do I make a webcomic?” That’s easy and covered by the other panel, but what about “How Not to Make a Webcomic?” Everyday someone decides to make a web-comic and then makes the same mistakes every other failed comic has made before. This will be an in-your-face session where panelists will describe the most common mistakes they’ve made or seen others make that delayed progress on their webcomics career and the pitfalls to avoid.

Panelists: Ben McCormick, Phil Kahn, Ross Nover

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