Intervention Panel Video: Get Off My Lawn

Our next Intervention 2010 panel video is for the panel: Get Off My Lawn!

Description: “How do I make a webcomic?” That’s easy and covered by the other panel, but what about “How Not to Make a Webcomic?” Everyday someone decides to make a web-comic and then makes the same mistakes every other failed comic has made before. This will be an in-your-face session where panelists will describe the most common mistakes they’ve made or seen others make that delayed progress on their webcomics career and the pitfalls to avoid.

Panelists: Ben McCormick, Phil Kahn, Ross Nover

One Response to “Intervention Panel Video: Get Off My Lawn”

  1. […] So, some of you may know that T and I were at Intervention last year, and that we spoke on a panel or two. The Intervention staff has been trickling in these delectable video nuggets and I just found the most recent one features me. So, get ready to be disappointed, because here’s yours truly on the subject of “How Not to Make A Webcomic.” […]

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