Intervention 2010 Panel Video: Writer-Artist Teamwork For Webcomics

One of our last Intervention 2010 panel videos is now online for the panel: Writer-Artist Teamwork for Webcomics.

Description: So you love to draw and your friend has this really cool story idea. You want to get together and combine your skills to make an awesome webcomic, but where do you start? This panel will cover tips on working together as a webcomic team — scripting and design work, effective communication of ideas, do’s and don’ts, some helpful tools to use, and management of workflow so that you can make your collective ideas into a comic that reflects the best of both your abilities — without driving each other crazy.

Panelists: Erin Fitzgerald, Chezhnian Angelus, Chris Impink, Danny Valentini, Mike Hall

One Response to “Intervention 2010 Panel Video: Writer-Artist Teamwork For Webcomics”

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