Artist Alley Approvals This Weekend

If you’ve applied to be a part of the Intervention Artist Alley for 2011 you can expect to receive word this weekend on your application. Even though our first application period has ended, you can still apply to be a part of the waiting list (and we did add people from the waiting list last year after some cancellations so there’s definitely a good reason to apply).


Arisia Intervention Room Party Retrospective

Our kickoff of our 2011 promotional tour kicked off early January at Arisia. I realized that while I did livetweet most of this, I never blogged it.

(BTW: IF you don’t follow me on Twitter here is where you can do that. :D ) If you don’t follow Intervention’s Twitter, that is located here.

Some of the photos are grainy because I took them with this:

Then I started having so much fun that I forgot to take a LOT of photos. (Oops!) Here are some:

The sign for the party:


Homemade owl chocolates by Colette – our hotel liaison:

The beginning of the party before I forgot to take more photos:

Owls that were for sale at the table. Want one? You can order an owl of your own online before, after, or during when you register. :D

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