Frumph, ComicPress, Webcomics.com, and what you can do to make Intervention 2011 better

One of the elements that made Intervention 2010 a standout event was our ability to offer hands-on website development workshops directly with the main developer of ComicPress, Frumph. So of course we want to provide this service again for our attendees–But Frumph wants to do something even more radical than last year: he wants to make all his Workshops free this year.

Yes, free. But to do that he needs some travel and expense money. He’s started up a donation drive to fund his appearance, and has refused to take any money from us, so we’re asking for your help on this. If you want a unique opportunity to have the developer of the most widely used comic system for WordPress appear and consult for free at Intervention, then please stop by his site and donate to make this happen.

As a side note on this, we are yet again happy to work with Webcomics.com to bring the next generation of webcomic artists to Intervention. If you are a member of that site please log in there to get details on a special registration offer just for you. Intervention is the place to be to get info on setting up and marketing your site–think of it as Webcomics.com at a con.


New Intervention Sponsor: Wacom

Intervention is happy to announce that Wacom is now an official sponsor for Intervention 2011. Wacom’s Pen Tablets are widely used within the artistic community, and we are very happy to have them be a part of the event this year.

Wacom will be providing some of their tablets for use in panels/workshops at the event, as well as part of setups for attendees to demo.

And did we mention that it’s possible that a few attendees may leave the event with some Wacom products? Oh yeah, we’ll be announcing those details soon :)


Intervention 2011 Artist Alley Participants List updated

The first group of Intervention 2011 Artist Alley Participants have been added to the website. We have plenty more signed up, but we’re just waiting on their info to place them on the site (nudge-nudge).

So check them out and we’ll have more up soon (hint-hint).

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