More Guests, More Artists, More Fun

Intervention is happy to announce some more guests for the 2011 event:

Bill Holbrook, the creator of the comic Kevin and Kell, will be returning to Intervention again this year, and we will have a second announcement soon about a special bonus he’s contributing to all Intervention attendees!

T.Campbell and Phil Kahn from GuildedAge will be back as well.

We will also have Brian McLaughlin at the event, he is both a contributor to Wired.com’s GeekDad blog, as well as an employee at NASA(!) (secret note: we may also have another NASA person at the event as well!)

We are also happy to announce that E. Foley, of GeeksDreamGirl.com, will be at the event to talk about online dating…and maybe even get you hooked up online with your perfect partner. (oh, and she also happens to work at ThinkGeek as well, so her cred with all things online and geeky is assured)

We’ve also updated the Artist Alley Participants list, so you can see more of the special stuff that will be on sale or display in the Vendor Room this year.

We still have even more guests coming, but details will be up as soon as we’ve nailed all of the details down. Yikes, it’s gonna be even more packed this year than last year!

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