UPDATE: An Unfortunate Situation For Web Development Programming at Intervention 2011

It looks like we may have an unfortunate situation this year for our Web Development workshop track. Frumph, the lead programmer for ComicPress has let us know that he is probably not going to be able to attend the event this year due to a lack of funds. He was planning on hosting free classes at our event for CSS, ComicPress, WordPress and many other web development topics. This would have been a great opportunity for artists and other online creators to directly work with a programmer on their sites, and get info directly from the source of the most widely used Webcomic theme/plugin.

Frumph wanted to do this all on his own, so he won’t accept financial support from us (no matter how much we’ve offered). So, this is sort of the last chance for this to work out.

It’s up to you guys now: If you want to have him come to the event and do this stuff FOR FREE you need to kick in and donate to him right now. He’s looking to get about $800 for this to cover his travel, food, and room costs.

So go to Frumph.net, click on the donate button on the upper left side of the page, put in your payment note that this is for Intervention, and donate now. Imagine that this is a Kickstarter campaign and let’s get this done.

: Intervention will honor anyone/company who donates $500 or more to this as if they were a direct sponsor for Intervention, so you will be noted as “Sponsoring Web Development Workshops” in our con book and website. An excellent opportunity to get your name associated directly with this area of the con.

5 Responses to “UPDATE: An Unfortunate Situation For Web Development Programming at Intervention 2011”

  1. Tom says:

    That sux

  2. queenof27hearts says:

    Since you were offering him the funds why don’t you just hit yhe donate button and donate to him what you were offering

    • Harknell says:

      The problem is frumph doesn’t want to be paid to appear at the event. He wants actual users to be the ones who have him come. Unless we tried to hide it was from us (which I won’t do) he sees that as payment by the event and wouldn’t accept it. Believe me, I’ve asked.

  3. Anii says:

    Frumph is such a good dude… I really hope we can all get him to be at Intervention!

    • harknell says:

      Frumph has definitely done a lot for the webcomics and WordPress community. It’s be super if people came together to make this happen.

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