New Guests, and Some Regrets

We are happy to announce the last (probably….) round of guests/events happening at Intervention 2011:

Christopher Baldwin, creator of the webcomics Spacetrawler and Little Dee will be appearing at Intervention 2011.

We also have DJ Dave Ghoul on board to do both our Friday night Goth/Industrial/Darkwave/Techno dance and our Saturday Steampunk inspired dance events.

We have also added 2 new movie presentations to our video room lineup: Ninjas Versus Vampires and “Working Class Nightmare” (a horror web series still in development).

And the last new addition is the band Eien Strife. This “Adventure Rock” group will be playing a show on Saturday evening and will continue their quest to save “The Forest”.

With all of these great new additions we unfortunately need to mention one subtraction: H. Caldwell Tanner, of Loldwell and College Humor fame, has informed us he can’t make it back to the event this year :( –we’ll miss him, but there’s always next year!

With all

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