They’ll Need To Start Construction Immediately

Ok guys, we know you love the con, but wow, we’ve blown well past the con block numbers we were given by the hotel. We’re working to increase the number of rooms available, and right now we’ve been able to add in some more rooms, but there’s no telling when we will hit the wall (and they’ll need to build more hotel). So if you want a room at our $109 rate, register it now.


Preliminary programming is up!

The panels , performances, and other things that have been selected so far are up here. Panelists haven’t been notified yet – they will be hearing from us Wednesday or before after we can put the schedule together and assign people to them.

Some of these panels may be changed or deleted, but for the most part these will all be happening at the convention this year.

Children’s Programming has already been posted here. We may have a few additions to it, but it is final for the most part.


More press for Intervention 2011

Oni and Harknell were interviewed on Man vs. Art podcast here.

Dueling Analogs writes about what a great and unique experience our event is here.

If you’d like to interview us, we’d love to talk to you! Just contact us through commenting or the contact form on this site to get scheduled in. Please do it ASAP, because we are becoming extremely booked with press appointments! :)


Important Upcoming Intervention 2011 Dates

We’d like to let you all know about some important upcoming dates for Intervention 2011:

1) The final date for Con Book ad purchases is August 21, 2011. If you want to have an ad in a place that is targeted to a crowd heavily into online stuff, especially new and interesting applications and software, then the Intervention 2011 con book is the best place to be. It’s easy, just go to our registration site and read the details and buy your ad. One other thing to note, our con book gets turned into a PDF and placed on our site and archive–so more than just attendees will see your ad.

2) Hotel Con Rate registration will end on August 28, 2011. Our $109 price (versus $129 normal price) will end on that date. We might not make it to that date though, since the con block is filling up fast. In fact, we may only have a few rooms left, so if you want one you better reserve it now.

3) Intervention Pre-Reg Discount will end on August 31, 2011. Our final discounted Pre-reg rate of $40 will end at midnight on the 31st. After that time you can still buy your registration online, but it will be the at-door rate of $45.

4) Enabler badge ship date is September 5th, 2011. If you want to become an Intervention Enabler and receive your con badge in the mail you need to purchase your Enabler level by September 4, 2011. You can still become and Enabler after that date (and even buy it at the con), but you won’t get your badge sent to you. If that’s an important part of becoming an Enabler for you ( besides getting into the Meet and Greet with guests, special artwork, Enabler T-shirt, or other perks) then register and become one now or you can upgrade your existing registration.


Listen To Harknell and Onezumi Talk About Intervention 2011 (Podcast)

We’ve just added a new podcast to our Stupid and Insane Podcast account in iTunes for you to download to your device or computer. If you prefer, you can also listen to it directly through the site:

Intevention August 2011 Podcast

In this podcast we talk about how the 2011 programming is coming together, some notes on important upcoming dates for the con, details on the Enabler program, some contest details (and how you will be getting some swag at the event), and finally some discussion on the ongoing “Women In Comics” controversy.

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