Wrapping Up 2011: Part 2

We’ve finished crunching the numbers and it looks like we had 734 people at Intervention 2011. That’s about a 39% increase from our 2010 event number of 527. It looks like a large number of you guys told some friends about the event–so keep that up! If you missed it, we’ve already opened up registration for next year, so get yours now for a great discounted price of $30 for the full weekend!

We’re starting up the process of doing panel video encoding and photo selection to put up on the website, so for those of you who couldn’t make it to the event, or were there but went to a different panel, you can still catch some of the great content that occurred at the event. So keep an eye on our event video archive page for new releases. (and we’ll make a post on the main page as well announcing updates)


Registration for 2012 Now Open

We’ve opened registration for the 2012 event, and it’s at our great “Early Owl” rate of $30 for the full weekend. In addition we’ve enabled the purchase of con book ads for 2012, sponsorship purchases for 2012, and online text ads for Interventioncon.com.

The fact that we’ve already received registrations for 2012 is making us even more resolute in our desire to make 2012 the best year ever!


Intervention 2012 Date Confirmed: September 21-23rd, 2012

Intervention 2012 now has an official date and place: September 21-23rd, 2012 at the Hilton Rockville. Pre-registration for attendees will be online within a day, with Artist Alley applications being taken by early next week.


2011 Wrap Up, Part 1

Intervention 2011 would like to thank all of our Guests, Vendors, and Attendees for making the event such a huge success this year. We are pouring over your feedback right now (and if you want to give us some please use our contact form ) and finishing off all of the business elements for for 2011.

Then onward to 2012! We will be announcing our date and location very soon after we finish contract negotiations, so look here for the information. As you can see though, we’ve been publishing a ton of other info including guest spotlights, photos, and other items from the 2011 event, and we will have tons more over the next few weeks. Just like 2010, we will be posting panel videos as soon as we have them edited, so we hope to expand our online catalog of content in a huge way (and now with snippets of our music events and other happenings).

So the excitement from 2011 is ongoing, and the build up to 2012 will be like a rocket.

So again, we want to thank you all, and our staff, for making this event even better than we ever hoped when we started up this party in 2010.


Artist Spotlight: Jessi Pascal – Geeks Next Door

What happens when two geeks decide to turn their (slightly-exaggerated) real-life experiences into a webcomic? You get Jessi and Matt Pascal’s Geeks Next Door.

I had a chance to speak with Jessi in the Artist Alley at Intervention, and found out that Geeks Next Door will be celebrating its five-year anniversary this March!

Jessi was inspired to get into webcomics after reading a lot of them when she was younger. “Webcomics were still starting out,” at the time, she said. She wanted to do something similar and “when I met Matt, it all seemed to click.”

Their most recent strip is about their cat Madison, who discovers that when she catches a bug she gets a treat. Knowing this, she decides to buy a butterfly kit for their roommate, and hilarity ensues.

In addition to Geeks Next Door, Jessi also came up with the concept of “Weiners.” Based on Hooters, it is a fictional restaurant where cute guys serve food to the ladies. She has created a series of tasteful male pinups based on the concept.

Her advice to aspiring artists is to never stop drawing. “You need to make time for it.”

At the convention, Geeks Next Door sold comics, prints, buttons, and T-shirts. By the end of the event, they had sold out of their first book, “My Life is Not a Shojo Manga.”

Their next book, “Saving Throw,” will be coming out soon.

You can find out more about Geeks Next Door on their website: www.geeksnextcomic.com.

You can also follow Jessi on Twitter @jessibstar.

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