Artist Spotlight: Chris Flick

Picture this: you’re walking around the suburbs and come upon the standard strip mall.  Structurally-speaking, it’s nothing impressive: a boring slab of rectangular concrete that houses a slight variety of stores.  A dry cleaner, perhaps.  Maybe one of those Chinese take-out places that serves the nuclear yellow rice and bright red meat.

Suppose, however, that strip mall was home to a comic book shop named “Capes and Babes.”

You’d be in that place FAST.

Meet Chris Flick.  Creator of the webcomic Capes and Babes, he draws on his own experiences growing up in early-to-mid 1980s Mount Vernon in the vicinity of a beloved comic book store.  “The comic book store wasn’t called ‘Capes and Babes’,” he says.  “But if I were to open a comic book shop, that’s definitely what I would call it.” The fondness Flick has for the since-closed comic shop is evident in his voice. “The place was great. There was a guy selling trading cards, it had a Pac-Man machine inside. I miss it.”

Started in November of 2007, the webcomic doesn’t solely draw on Flick’s adventures in and around the comic shop and its strip mall.  “You’ll notice a lot of references to early 1980s comics and old-school superheroes,” he says, sporting his treasured Taskmaster logo tattoo.  “I loved that age; it was before comic books and comic book stores became all about profits and business.”

His work has been collected in two volumes: You Can’t Print Flick and You Still Can’t Print Flick. “There’s a few reasons behind the title,” he explains. “Obviously, it’s a play on my last name. Also, when comics were still being printed onto newsprint, they didn’t like anyone using the word ‘flick,’ because the lowercase L and the I would sort of run together and therefore make ‘flick’ look like a completely different F-word.”

Having appeared at both Interventions, Flick has also sold his work at HeroesCon and at conventions in Pittsburgh, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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