Artist Spotlight: Jessi Pascal – Geeks Next Door

What happens when two geeks decide to turn their (slightly-exaggerated) real-life experiences into a webcomic? You get Jessi and Matt Pascal’s Geeks Next Door.

I had a chance to speak with Jessi in the Artist Alley at Intervention, and found out that Geeks Next Door will be celebrating its five-year anniversary this March!

Jessi was inspired to get into webcomics after reading a lot of them when she was younger. “Webcomics were still starting out,” at the time, she said. She wanted to do something similar and “when I met Matt, it all seemed to click.”

Their most recent strip is about their cat Madison, who discovers that when she catches a bug she gets a treat. Knowing this, she decides to buy a butterfly kit for their roommate, and hilarity ensues.

In addition to Geeks Next Door, Jessi also came up with the concept of “Weiners.” Based on Hooters, it is a fictional restaurant where cute guys serve food to the ladies. She has created a series of tasteful male pinups based on the concept.

Her advice to aspiring artists is to never stop drawing. “You need to make time for it.”

At the convention, Geeks Next Door sold comics, prints, buttons, and T-shirts. By the end of the event, they had sold out of their first book, “My Life is Not a Shojo Manga.”

Their next book, “Saving Throw,” will be coming out soon.

You can find out more about Geeks Next Door on their website: www.geeksnextcomic.com.

You can also follow Jessi on Twitter @jessibstar.

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