Guest Spotlight: Christian McAuley of StickyComics

Can we get some basic info about you?

My name’s Christiann MacAuley, and I create the webcomic Sticky Comics – I got into webcomics doing funny drawings while procrastinating doing my job, and my friends at work said “hey, you should scan those and put them on a blog or something,” and since I do web design, half of what I do is making websites anyway.

Early on, I just had a blog with funny pictures on it, and it started to be a webcomic – people started to find it and read it. It’s more of an official comic now, but It’s not traditional – I don’t have any recurring characters except myself, and the look and size change every time I make it. It’s a very diverse webcomic.

What’s your process like – and you mentioned that the size of the comic changes?

I usually sit down and write down some ideas, I look at them a couple of days later and decide – the point of sticky comics is that it’s supposed to be funny. Then I draw it on whatever paper’s handy – a lot of the time, I draw on my moleskine or printer paper.. I like it to look raw, and have that zine-ness. I draw in pencil, color it in by hand, and then put it up on my blog.

What kind of humor do you go for?

I’m usually sitting around, or I come up with ideas in the shower or when I’m trying ot fall asleep, I jot down a bunch of ridiculous little notes. One of the comics I did recently that – the difference between Mac, Linux and PC computers – I wrote that down when I was waiting for mine to restart. Thought it was dumb at first, two weeks later I drew it, I showed it to friends in my writing group. They thought it was funny, and it went viral within an hour of posting it on my comic. It was on all kinds of blogs and Reddit and Gizmodo and Engadget. It was crazy and instantaneous, and I thought “oh man, I shouldn’t just do tech comics all the time, the whole thing was trying to not spend more time about computers since that. I just draw things that make me laugh!

I do write about technology a fair amount because I work with computers. I made other comics about Mac users compared to other users, they’ve also gone viral – most of mine are just about hangovers, the tragedy of being a bottle of shampoo, new friends, and how it might be sad to be a donut…

I need to start reading this comic.

On that note – I’m coming out with a book anthology of Sticky Comics that’ll have the first few years of comics I did, as well as some backstory behind creating the comics and new things I’ve never put up on the website… it’s going to be 100 pages, full color, it’s titled “The Sticky Comics Picture Book”, and I’m hoping to have it out by Christmas. You should check it out!

I will. Anything else?

I will be selling the book online and taking preorders once I send the book to print, I have an online store I share with a bunch of other artists for screen printing, it’s mostly just t-shirts and baby onesies and prints, our most popular shirt says “I want to F. Scott Fitzgerald”. The screen-printing collective Ten East Read our store’s at TenEastRead.com.

Literary and provocative. I can dig it!

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