Guest Spotlight: Jamie Noguchi of Yellow Peril

Where’d the inspiration for Yellow Peril come from?

It was Old screenplay I wrote that I tried out as a comic, and was spawned from two things – 1) The Frustration with working in an office environment, and 2) the lack of asian american sitcoms (the only one being Margaret Cho’s “All-American Girl”) out there. There was no way for me to do it traditionally, not being a Hollywood person, so I made a comic.

Pop culture references like the appearances in your Metro comic, Blazing Sword Burger, Frank Miller, and so on – they’re pretty plentiful. Are they planned, or spontaneous?

Those’re usually spontaneous. I’ll have it scripted, and think “Oh! This background needs a thing! I’ll draw an Ultraman!” The name of the burger was the most difficult part – I knew the recipe, but the name took me a while.

Are Angry Zen Master and Yellow Peril

Definitely separate – it used to be a webcomic, when I got done with Erfworld, I thought that getting back to AZM wasn’t the right thing for me at the time. I wanted to get back to a more personal comic. People come to AZM for one thing, but YP is a bit more serious in tone. AZM is about crazy, stupid shit. I’m the thing that bridges them. The AZM blog posts about cultural issues doesn’t fit in with AZM, more so with YP – but I try not to get too serious on AZM!

You do video posts, which is unique; not a lot of creators do them.

I haven’t seen many of my friends do them, but the Something Positive guy does discussions – it’s dead easy to do, put in a camera, talk for a couple of minutes, and go. It’s an easy way to connect with fans, but also to connect with people who don’t read comics. I met a kid at Balticon who saw the videos on YouTube, and wanted to meet me – and then realized “whoa, you do a webcomic!” . People connect more when they can put a face to what you’re doing.

Check out Jamie’s awesome comic, www.yellowperil.com – updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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