Registration for 2012 Now Open

We’ve opened registration for the 2012 event, and it’s at our great “Early Owl” rate of $30 for the full weekend. In addition we’ve enabled the purchase of con book ads for 2012, sponsorship purchases for 2012, and online text ads for Interventioncon.com.

The fact that we’ve already received registrations for 2012 is making us even more resolute in our desire to make 2012 the best year ever!

2 Responses to “Registration for 2012 Now Open”

  1. Greetings,
    Hi, sorry I missed this year’s con but look forward to next if you “need” me! Curious how one registers as actor/author guest. Have references as well.

    sincerely, deborah

    • onezumi says:


      We are currently rewriting most of the site to more clearly describe the selection process and what is expected all around. The upshot is that we choose guests based on their sending us a pitch about what they want to do/can bring to the show. :)

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