“Guilded Age: Volume 1″ Sells Out!

Almost an hour prior to the closing of the Dealers’ Room at Intervention ’11, Phil Kahn and T. Campbell officially sold out of “Guilded Age: Volume 1.”  The first collection of their popular webcomic “Guilded Age,” all 45 copies brought to the convention sold more quickly than would bacon-covered bacon.

As you can see, the “sold out” status was quite welcome by the team:

Look for a future post later on today by Intervention blogger Kristyn Souder that explores the background of “Guilded Age” and the respective projects of Kahn and Campbell.


The Art Gallery

On Friday, September 16, the Lincoln Room at Intervention hosted nothing more than a few dry-erase markers and blank whiteboards.  It had all of the excitement and depth of “Dragonball Z” filler.

By Sunday, however, drastic changes could be seen.

Intervention’s Art Gallery was an empty room that beckoned professional, amateur, and even sucky artists to unleash their creativity through the magic of Staples merchandise.  As people found the room, wall space slowly but surely disappeared, replaced with artwork and website plugs that surrounded any and all patrons who dared visit.

Check out the end result of a room that started out extremely bare.  These pictures were taken shortly before noon on Sunday; be sure to click on each image so you may view the full scope of what Intervention attendees, guests, and even staff created.  While it may be lost to the eraser as early as tomorrow (which is a shame, as I feel that future conferences that gather in the room would be greatly enhanced), it will live on forever on the Intarwebz.


Antipode presents Super Mario Belly Dance World

When most people think of the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise, what comes to mind is a series of video games beginning with crude, 8-bit graphics that grew into the 3-dimensional imagery enjoyed in the later consoles.  Several keywords can be linked to the adventures of the Italian plumber who first burst onto the scene as Donkey Kong’s nemesis in the early 1980s: “pipe,” “Luigi,” “whistle,” and even “tennis” (yay Virtual Boy).

“Bellydancing,” however, never quite made that list.

On Sunday, that all changed.

Following their Saturday performance “Guile’s Theme Goes with Bellydance: An Internet Meme Tribute,” the Antipode bellydance troupe continued with their Sunday offering “Super Mario Belly Dance World.”  An audience of many ages gathered in the Intervention Performance Room to watch as the dancers wove a story through comedic dialogue and, of course, bellydancing.  The expertly-crafted choreography was set to pieces from several entries in the “Super Mario” line.  Fans recognized the MIDI-tastic water world music from “Super Mario Bros.” as well as captivating remixes of the Ghost House level music from “Super Mario World.”

In addition to blessing the lengthy “Super Mario Bros.” keyword list with “bellydancing,” it is safe to say that the Antipode troupe created a successful live-action rendition of everyone’s favorite mustachioed Brooklynite.  They succeeded thoroughly where Captain Lou Albano and Bob Hoskins (miserably) failed in their respective attempts to bring the brothers Mario to IRL adventures.

DISCLAIMER: In no way am I or Intervention itself suggesting that Bob Hoskins take up bellydancing.  No one wants to see that.


Artist Spotlight: Greg Uchrin

“A lot of people around me said that they needed a coffee IV drip. So, I figured that I would name it Intravenous Caffeine.”

Meet Greg Uchrin: artist, editor, and squirrel wrangler (as per his business card) of Intravenous Caffeine.  His portfolio of one-shot stories, a “Bleach” parody, and a horror story currently in the works began as little more than a weekly political cartoon in 2003.

“At the time, I got a little upset at Mr. Bush, so I started a political cartoon,” Uchrin says.  “I didn’t know how to draw at first, but after about three years, I became pretty good at the whole creation of everything.”  Among his treasured pieces are a global warming cartoon that was shown to students throughout a Wisconsin school district and a parody of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” that allegedly earned him a death threat thanks to its inclusion of Osama bin Laden.

“OK, it wasn’t really a death threat, but more of a warning,” he admits.  “They mistook Osama for Mohammed.”

An interesting side project of Uchrin’s is “fantasy casting,” in which his artistry imagines a favorite anime were it to be live-action and starring IRL stars.  He pointed out an illustration as evidence of this, which imagined Tom Cruise filling the role of Col. Mustang from “FullMetal Alchemist,’ with Cameron Diaz as his Hawkeye.

The Alexandria, Virginia residents counts “Flash Gordon” artist Alex Raymond and the early days of MAD Magazine as sources of inspiration.  Appearing for the second time at Intervention, he has also traveled to Otakon, Katsucon, and Anime Mid-Atlantic.  He would like to someday host a panel that discusses various drawing techniques and computer assistance to hand-drawn art.

As for the favorite coffee of the owner/operator of Intravenous Caffeine?

“Eight O’Clock brand coffee,” he answers.  “Lots of cream and sugar.”

Individual art pieces and collections of his political cartoons are available at his table.  He proudly boasts that he is one of very few artists who seals poster purchases in an actual mailing tube so as to prevent damage during transport home from the convention.


Halo Tournament at Midnight!

Be sure to visit the Intervention Video Game Room! Tonight at midnight, hardcore Halo players will have the opportunity to display their skills during the Halo tournament.

The other offerings in the Video Game Room will be open until midnight and from 8AM until noon tomorrow. Be sure to visit, as there is a LOT being offered. A Rock Band setup projects the game onto one wall, slightly illuminating the numerous consoles filling the rest of the room. Whether your system of choice is a PC, Wii, or even the old 8-bit Nintendo, your thirst for gaming will indeed be quenched.

One of its most alluring aspects, however, is the presence of an actual Commodore 64 console (humorously hooked up to a flatscreen monitor, the gap between home gamings’ 1970s infancy and present day bridged by a wire). So classic is the “Pac-Man” game that the ghosts are without full eyeballs!

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